Spend Analysis – The Complete Guide [Template Included]

What is Spend Analysis? Spend analysis is the process of collecting spend data from all purchasing sources and systems, cleansing the data, categorizing the data, and analyzing it for the purpose of understanding spending trends and identifying saving opportunities. The data included in the spend analysis might include purchasing data, payment data, credit card data […]

Cost Control Using an Integrated Purchase Order and Inventory Software

Controllers: Do you have the know the exact value of the inventory you are carrying? Do you know how your company is allocating purchasing inventory across the different locations? If you answered No to any of the above questions, you are not alone. It is obvious that companies have a good handle on the resale […]

Paperless Invoice Processing [A Complete Implementation Guide]

Achieving Paperless invoice processing is an elusive goal for many accounts payable teams. No one enjoys processing paper invoices, scanning them, doing data entry, and then following up with stakeholders to get them approved. The time wasted in processing paper invoices can be used by A/P team to improve other important metrics like on-time payments […]

Procure to Pay / Purchasing system use cases

Are you tasked with selecting a new purchasing system or procure to pay system for your organization? Then the obvious question to consider is – What are the different use cases for Procure to Pay / Purchasing system and what makes sense for your organization. You might be in  IT and tasked by CFO to […]

Procurement System Integration Use Cases

Are you planning to invest in a procurement or procure to pay system? Then the procurement system integration considerations should be on top of your requirements list along with other functional and critical requirements like the ease of use. We agree that it is the responsibility of IT to help with integration but Procurement should […]

Selling procurement value to your organization

1. Why do you need to sell procurement value to the organization? You might be asking yourself this question- why do I need to sell procurement value – Isn’t procurement a critical function within the organization? The answer is yes and no, and it depends upon how procurement is perceived in the organization. Is procurement perceived as […]

ProcureDesk Review by Financesonline.com

ProcureDesk Certified with 2 Procurement Software Distinctions by a Notable Platform for SaaS Reviews We are pleased to announce that ProcureDesk has recently become a two-time winner, as we received the 2018 Rising Star and 2018 Great User Experience awards from FinancesOnline. Our purchasing automation software was built to simplify the processes of small and […]

Simplifying Your Purchasing Process – [6 proven techniques]

Companies can gain significant productivity improvements and cost savings by optimizing their core business processes. Your purchasing process is no different. Simplifying the purchasing process have many advantages. a) A simpler purchasing process is easy to support and hence lower support or help desk cost. b) A simpler purchasing process leads to better engagement with […]

Digital Procurement and Procurement Transformation

This article is a continuation of our series on procurement transformation and in this article, we focus on Digital procurement and its role in your procurement transformation journey. You can read the previous articles here Getting started with procurement transformation How to control maverick spend Procurement transformation goals could vary from company to company but […]