Invoice Approval Workflow- The Ultimate Guide to Approval Workflow Optimization

The difference between a well-run Accounts payable function and a chaotic AP team is the effectiveness of the invoice approval workflow. An ineffective invoice process is a reason your team is always struggling to process invoices on time. It is not the case that the controllers or CFO’s don’t understand the criticality of automation, in […]

5 Tips for Faster Invoice Processing Through Better Exception Management

Invoice processing could be a simple process if your purchase to pay process is set up properly. But it could be cumbersome when you have to manually process the invoices. Especially, if you don’t have a purchase order process. If you are using a system like QuickBooks or Xero, then you might be manually creating […]

Purchase order process for your startup [Complete Guide]

Purchase order process for startups? Yes, you read it right. We are talking about why a startup should think about setting up a purchase order/purchasing process and how it can help startup’s with cost control and spend visibility when you need it the most.  We live in an era when you can start certain types […]

Purchase Order Approval Process [Secret to cost control]

Bonus Material: Purchase Approval Process Template Are you struggling with setting up an effective Purchase Order approval process? Maybe you have read through multiple articles that tell you that it should only take 5 minutes to set up a purchase approval process but you still don’t know where to start? Or you already have a […]

Building a business case for procurement and invoicing automation [Template Included]

The business case for procure to pay automation Procurement and Accounts payable automation has many benefits including productivity improvement, process cost reduction and so on. However, Like any other investments, companies need to justify the investments to the finance team for such an initiative. In this post, we will cover the key benefits of purchasing […]

9 Expense management strategies for CFO’s

What is Expense Management? Expense management refers to the process of setting up policies for employees travel and entertainment expenses, setting up processes for reimbursing employees and then having greater visibility to control travel and entertainment expenses for the whole company. Why Expense Management is important? T&E (Travel and entertainment) expenses is often a big […]

How to know when you need a procurement department? [A complete Guide]

Having a purchasing or procurement department has many benefits and we will review them one by one. If you are unsure about the value of the procurement department .. read on.  This guide is also meant for owners of small companies who are thinking about setting up a procurement department but unsure about the benefits […]

Lowering operating costs in 2019 – Strategies for mid-market companies CFO’s

Lowering operating costs shouldn’t only be CFO’s (Chief Financial officer) job. Unfortunately, in most companies, that turns out to be CFO’s main priority given the corporate mandate. But for the savings to stick, CFO’s need to have cost reduction as a repeatable and sustainable process. We urge CFO’s to view cost reduction and especially operating […]

Increasing Procurement and Finance Collaboration in 2019 [Complete guide]

Procurement and finance collaboration has been an interesting topic for many years now. As the maturity of the procurement function increases, procurement becomes more involved with the finance team in yearly planning, ensuring savings goals are aligned and delivering shareholder value. But having said that, it is not the case across all organizations. 1.Why the […]

Procure to Pay / Purchasing system use cases

Are you tasked with selecting a new purchasing system or procure to pay system for your organization? Then the obvious question to consider is – What are the different use cases for Procure to Pay / Purchasing system and what makes sense for your organization. You might be in  IT and tasked by CFO to […]