Building a Procurement Team [A Complete Guide]

Are you tasked with building the procurement team at your organization and wondering where to start? Whether you an experienced procurement professional or just been handed over this function, this guide would serve as a step-by-step process on how to build a procurement team from scratch. In this guide, we will cover 1. Procurement team […]

Building a business case for procurement and invoicing automation [Template Included]

The business case for procure to pay automation Procurement and Accounts payable automation has many benefits including productivity improvement, process cost reduction and so on. However, Like any other investments, companies need to justify the investments to the finance team for such an initiative. In this post, we will cover the key benefits of purchasing […]

13 Procurement Books for Today’s Professionals

When it comes to increasing your skills, nothing does it better than investing your time in reading quality books. The other way to learn faster is to practice the skill often. So we have put together a list of some awesome books which every procurement professional should read. We have tried to map each book […]