Streamline your purchasing with ProcureDesk

Automate your paper-based purchasing process with a simple and affordable purchase order system. ProcureDesk automates the requisition process, with built-in catalogs, automated approval workflows, and automated PO transmission.

Improve employee morale, enhance the productivity of your purchasing team and gain better visibility into your spend.

procuredesk demo

Better Employee Experience

Simplified purchasing experience for employees.

                        Purchasing can configure purchasing policies and system drives compliance in a user-friendly way.


Purchasing Automation

Automated purchasing process from requisition to purchase order.

Automated Purchase order transmission to suppliers based on supplier preference.

Automated Approvals

Fully configurable approval process to meet your purchasing compliance needs.
Speed up approval process using automation. No more manual or paper based approvals.


Increase on contracted spend and drive more spend to your preferred vendors through catalogs.

            Better overall experience for your employees.

Spend Visibility

Get better visibility into spend and track your spend trend.
                 Increase spend under management by understanding purchasing trends.

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