Plan, Execute, Track and Report Cost Savings

Centralized procurement cost savings planning and reporting


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Cost savings dashbaord
Savings Reporting

Central dashboard for reporting cost savings.

Savings Planning

Plan and collaborate on cost savings in one single place.

Project Execution

Better tracking and execution through detailed task management.

Better Collaboration

Enable better collaboration with stakeholders.

Better planning = Better Savings

A centralized tool for procurement and sourcing for planning and reporting cost savings. Better planning helps the procurement team to accurately project the cost savings for the company.

Cost savings dashboard

Savings Reporting

A central dashboard to report cost savings for your team as well as different procurement stakeholders including finance, department owners, etc.

Track and reporting savings with ease at the company level, department level, category level, etc. Easily differentiate between cost savings and cost avoidance.

Cost savings planning

Cost Savings Planning

Accurately track and report the cost savings opportunity by creating a detailed project plan for procurement cost savings.

Better planning provides you with the ability to deliver savings as planned.


Cost Savings execution

Set up a detailed project plan to meticulously track the delivery of the savings plan.

Track assets for inventory items

Enable better communication with Finance

Simplify communication with finance by better planning around savings. Ensure that finance is approving the current cost/ budgets and agree on the savings delivered.

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Integrated Savings Management with  Purchasing = Higher Procurement Cost Savings