Test Drive ProcureDesk for Free

ProcureDesk is a simple, easy to use procure to pay system designed to help drive adoption within the organization.

Don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself through a free pilot.

What do we need from you to set up a free trial?

  • We want you to get the most from your trial so we would customize it to your needs.
  • We would request a 30 minutes call to discuss your goals and requirements.
  • If you just want to see how our tool works, just register for a free demo

  • Why we offer Free Pilot? 

    Procurement traditionally rely on RFP’s to vet the solution, which is great. But there is only so much you can assess during a 2-3 hours product demo.

    Having a feature is one thing, having a usable procurement system is another. So why leave it to chance. Test out our purchasing system and see it for yourself.

    And if you still want to run an RFP, we understand!


  • What is and not included in the Pilot?

    • You identify the pilot users and we set them up for you.
    • Setup of catalogs if you have any.
    • Set of approvals, workflows as per your current process.
    • Setup other configurations and master data as per your needs.
    • We don’t onboard vendors and we don’t set up integrations with back end


  • How long is the Pilot?

    We recommend a 30 days pilot. If you need more time, we can extend the pilot.

  • What happens after the Pilot ends?

    If you decide to move forward, we can discuss pricing and contracts setup. If not, we just ask for your feedback - what you liked and what you didn’t. It’s that easy!