ProcureDesk vs Prendio – which software is best for you?

ProcureDesk Vs Prendio which software is best for you

by martieLast Updated : 30-03-2023

In this ProcureDesk vs. Prendio face-off, we pit these two software vendors against each other to see which is the best for Biotech companies.

Without a doubt, searching for more ways to have a budget-friendly purchase for your business is important. Thus, it is essential that aside from looking at your spend before purchasing, you also must have a good procurement service to help you with your selection of products, purchase requisition, collaboration with vendors, and even your entire purchase process.

From procurement features, transparent purchasing process, pricing, budget management, reporting capabilities, inventory management, and service – discover which all-in-one software solution is the best to buy for your business systems.

ProcureDesk vs. Prendio: Features

ProcureDesk Prendio
Starting price $380/month Contact vendor for pricing
Business Purchase requisitions Supported Supported
Complete Purchase order Creation Yes Yes
Invoice processing Yes Yes
3-way match Yes Partial
Vendor portal Yes No
OCR for invoicing Supported for Invoices Not supported by Invoices
Electronic invoices (cXMl) Supported Not supported
Non-PO invoice support Yes No
Managed services for purchasing No Yes
Integration with an Accounting system QuickBooks, Xero, Netsuite, Sage Intacct, Microsoft Business for business processes, Dynamics, Netsuite, QuickBooks Desktop

ProcureDesk vs. Prendio: Price


ProcureDesk pricing is based on the functionality you subscribe to with minimum users. Those are the only two price variables to determine your subscription’s price.

Prendio pricing is a mix of the software product and the services you need for your direct purchases. Prendio’s sister company, “BioProcure,” offers managed procurement processes and accounts payable services. We assume that the pricing varies by the volume of purchase orders and the number of invoices that needs to be processed.

ProcureDesk, on the other hand, is a pure-play software vendor and doesn’t offer managed services.

ProcureDesk pricing is not dependent on the volume, so as your company scale, you don’t have to worry about paying more because you are issuing more purchase orders or processing more invoices during your purchase order process.

ProcureDesk enterprise pricing starts at $380/month, covering the first 10 users. You can add as many additional users as you need.

ProcureDesk also offers strong onboarding support that is perfect for your Cost Control so that you and your procurement team can easily get your procurement process automated and started without worrying about training your researchers or scientists. Aside from that, you also get solid control over purchasing.

This is perfect for various industries, helping companies with common administrative burdens and unique internal purchasing policies.

Winner: ProcureDesk

ProcureDesk Demo

ProcureDesk vs. Prendio: Purchase Requisitions


Both ProcureDesk and Prendio offer strong purchase requisition capabilities.

Both ProcureDesk and Prendio offer strong workflow capabilities to route the requisition for approval.

Once the requisition is approved, the vendor can issue the purchase order.

The main difference between ProcureDesk and Prendio is that ProcureDesk can automatically convert a purchase requisition into a purchase order without involving a buyer. Prendio needs a buyer to review the requisition and then convert that to a purchase order. The manual review process is helpful when negotiating pricing with a vendor. Still, if you already have pre-negotiated pricing, buyer review is just an additional step that can be eliminated.

ProcureDesk also allows you to use the purchase requisition forms for different purposes. For example, if you need a purchase request for travel, you can create a separate purchase requisition type in ProcureDesk. This is not possible in Prendio.

Winner: ProcureDesk

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ProcureDesk vs. Prendio: Purchase orders

Both ProcureDesk and Prendio offer strong purchase order functionality and allow you to capture the full lifecycle of the purchase order.

Although both systems have different order status, it essentially covers the purchase order from start to finish.

One added advantage of ProcureDesk is that it allows you to track the order delivery status in real time. Using the ASN( Advance shipping notice), vendors can send the tracking information to ProcureDesk. ProcureDesk then uses that information to track the speed of delivery and notify users when the product is delivered.

You can create a receipt to confirm the delivery of the product. The main difference between Prendio and ProcureDesk is that Prendio needs receipts to be scanned and moved into the scanning inbox before you can create a receipt. With ProcureDesk, you can create a receipt without the scan. ProcureDesk allows you to create the receipt from a Mobile-Android app. This gives you instant cash flow visibility and helps you with your expense management.

Winner: ProcureDesk

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ProcureDesk vs. Prendio: Invoice processing

Both vendors provide strong invoice processing and expense management capabilities. The invoice from the supplier can be uploaded into the procurement system and then matched with the purchase order and receipt.

In later sections, we will cover some distinctions between the type of invoices with purchase orders.

Winner: Both

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ProcureDesk vs. Prendio: 3-way match process

3-way invoicing matching capabilities refer to a system’s ability to match the invoice with the purchase order and receipt and identify any discrepancies. Thus, giving a more seamless purchasing experience. If a discrepancy is found, the system routes the invoice for further review so that it can be reviewed and approved by the appropriate team.

Th 3-way match reduces the effort of manually reviewing each and every invoice and checking if an invoice can be paid.

Prendio has the ability to create receipts against a purchase order, but there are no 3-way match capabilities to identify the discrepancies and route the invoice for further approval.

ProcureDesk, on the other hand, supports automated 2-way or 3-way match processes and matches the invoices with the respective documents. In terms of invoice matching, If the invoice matches what is on the purchase order, the system automatically approves the invoice without requiring any manual invoice review.

Winner: ProcureDesk

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ProcureDesk vs. Prendio: Vendor portal

ProcureDesk provides a vendor portal to enable supplier self-service and support in supplier management. For example, a supplier can review the request for a quote and respond.

The vendor can directly manage all other documents. For example – reviewing the purchase order, acknowledging the purchase order, and submitting the invoice. The vendors can also track the payment status on the portal, reducing the effort on the AP team to respond to vendor payment status queries.

Prendio, on the other hand, doesn’t have a vendor portal. However, they do have preferred vendors that they work with.

Winner: ProcureDesk

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ProcureDesk vs. Prendio: OCR for Invoicing


OCR(Optical character recognition) makes creating invoices easier and matching them with the purchase order.

This reduces the burden on the AP team to read each invoice and enter the data into the accounting system. Aside from that, it also helps with cost management.

With ProcureDesk OCR capabilities, the invoice document is automatically scanned for relevant information, and the invoice is automatically populated.

Prendio, on the other hand, doesn’t have any OCR capabilities. That means the invoices must be manually matched with the purchase order, and the data entry must be done for each invoice.

Winner: ProcureDesk

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ProcureDesk vs. Prendio: Electronic Invoices

Electronic invoices mean the supplier can send the invoice data electronically without emailing your typical customers. Imagine a scenario where the vendor automatically submits an invoice. When the system receives the invoices, it matches them with the purchase order and receipt without requiring manual intervention.

If the documents match, the invoice is sent for payment. It is that simple!

ProcureDesk supports electronic invoices for all vendors that support cXML-based invoices. All large vendors like ThermoFisher, Fisher Scientific, VWR, and so on support electronic invoicing.

This greatly reduces the effort of the AP team to enter the invoices, match invoices, and ensure the creation of invoices on time. Unless there is an issue with the invoice or a matching invoice, there is zero time spent on processing the invoice.

Prendio, on the other hand, doesn’t support electronic invoicing, so all purchasing process invoices must be uploaded using the scan process.

Winner: ProcureDesk

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ProcureDesk vs. Prendio: Non-PO invoices

Prendio is designed as a purchase order system only. That means you can only process an invoice if there is an associated purchase order.

In Prendio, If you receive an invoice without a PO number, you can process the invoice directly in your ERP system or create a Purchase Order in Prendio to link with the invoice. By selecting the “No PO Found” option, the system will send a request by email to create the necessary PO. Once the user creates the Purchase Order and links it to the scan, the system will save the assignment, and no further action will be needed.

On the other hand, ProcureDesk allows you to process invoices without purchase orders. You can set up a review or approval process for such invoices so that unauthorized invoices are not paid, but you don’t have to create a purchase order for everything.

Think about scenarios like utilities or legal services. There is generally no purchase order for these instances, and creating a purchase order for everything is cumbersome.

The Non-PO Invoice functionality allows you to process the invoice without a purchase order.

Winner: ProcureDesk

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ProcureDesk vs. Prendio: Managed Purchasing Controls

Prendio offers managed integrated purchasing services. Prendio partners with BioProcure to provide a Spend Management solution and support you with your expense management. You can benefit from these services if you need a buying team that reviews all requisitions before a purchase order is issued to the vendor. This is particularly helpful when you don’t have negotiated rates with preferred vendors or you are trying to purchase a new product or service.

The managed service also includes the AP service to process any incoming invoice approval and work with stakeholders to move forward with invoice approval. This prevents your business from experiencing invoice issues, ensuring effective business functions and operations.

ProcureDesk, on the other hand, is among the list of software that doesn’t offer such services.

Winner: Prendio

ProcureDesk vs. Prendio: Integration

ProcureDesk and Prendio both support integration with the accounting system as accounting software.

ProcureDesk supports QuickBooks, Xero, Netsuite, Sage Intacct, and Microsoft Business Dynamics. ProcureDesk also integrates with Payment business platforms like for payments.

Prendio, on the other hand, supports integration with Quickbooks, NetSuite, Oracle, and MS Business Central.

ProcureDesk is real-time integration, and the AP team doesn’t need to press buttons every time to need to push the Bills to the ERP system. Prendio, on the other hand, needs manual intervention to push Bills to the ERP system.

Winner: Both

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Both Prendio and ProcureDesk as procurement software provide comparable procurement features when it comes to purchasing automation process. However, ProcureDesk has a more advanced list of features for AP automation and software solutions.

Prendio offers managed services, while ProcureDesk Doesn’t. If you want a complete procure-to-pay and modern purchasing solution, ProcureDesk is a better choice.

Suppose you are looking only for a purchasing automation solution and a purchasing automation plan that offers you a great user experience and meets the needs of both your vendors and your needs. In that case, you’ve come to the right place. If you would like to schedule a software expert who can walk you through a ProcureDesk demo and is interested in contacting us for pricing information, please click the link below.

Our team is excited to help you with your purchasing decisions!

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