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Simplify your invoice reconciliation process with ProcureDesk and

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ProcureDesk and

Spend less time processing invoices

If your vendors are submitting invoices through, you have to rely on the approvals workflows to figure out who approved the purchase.

That takes time and it is painful!

Automated Matching

Automatically match invoices/Bills with purchase orders.

Automated reconciliation process.

Automated routing of bills to buyers for reconciliation in case of matching issues.

QuickBooks integration

Automatically send the Bills to QuickBooks after they are matched

How much time you are spending on chasing Invoices?

On average, it costs a company anywhere between $15 to $60 per invoice. That is the money lost in productivity and approvals!

Here is How it works

Create purchase orders in ProcureDesk.        

Create and approve purchase orders in ProcureDesk using an easy to use purchasing process enabled by like buying experience.

Invoices submitted through

The vendors submit the invoices through as usual. There is no change for your vendors. process the invoice.

Invoices automatically pulled into ProcureDesk

ProcureDesk pulls the invoices from on a fixed schedule.

Invoices matched with a Purchase order

Automatically match the Bill with the purchase order and perform a 3-way match with a receipt for material purchases.

Automated sync across multiple systems

Once Invoices are marked as approved, we automatically update the status in and Downstream systems

Curious how we can automate your Invoice reconciliation process?

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