Every growing business needs a purchasing solution 

And hundreds of growing companies are using ProcureDesk with QuickBooks to put purchasing and invoicing on autopilot.

“ProcureDesk has helped our company create a transparent and well-documented procurement process using their simple and user-friendly platform”

COO – Speciality Manufacturing Company

Is This the Best Way to Manage PO's & Process Invoices?

Is a combination of spreadsheets and shared folders the best way to track your purchase orders and manage your invoices?

Here are the problems with spreadsheets

  1. Spreadsheets get outdated pretty fast without constant updates.
  2. The purchase order data keeps on changing but buyers don’t always update the spreadsheets.
  3. It is a struggle to track what invoice is approved and what is pending without complete visibility into order history.

Quickbooks Is Awesome but Can It Scale With Your Operations?


You can use QuickBooks for Purchase orders but..

  1. You can’t give QuickBooks access to the entire team without opening your company to compliance risk.
  2. You can enter the data manually but having a single team doing data entry leads to bottlenecks.
  3. The result: AP teams working overtime to enter the purchase order & invoices in QuickBooks.

Is Your Current Process Inefficient and Expensive?

Manual processes are inefficient and cost you more

  • The average cost to manually process a purchase order is $60.  
  • Matching invoices manually is the main reason why AP spends so much time on processing invoices.
  • The processing cost scales exponentially as your company scales.

There’s a Better Way to Manage Po’s and Invoices.


ProcureDesk provides an integrated purchasing and invoicing solution that integrates with QuickBooks. We help you control cost, reduce the time spent on processing invoices, and eliminate the data entry in QuickBooks.


Here is how it works.

Step 1: Connect your QuickBooks Account

Connect your QuickBooks Account to ProcureDesk, it takes less than a minute.

    Step 2: Sync the Master Data

    We will automatically import data from QuickBooks. That includes the chart of accounts, suppliers, customer, projects and everything you need to create, track purchase orders, and invoices.

    No redundant data entry and creating data in two different systems.

    ProcureDesk provides real time sync with QuickBooks and supports 2-way sync for master data like suppliers and items.

      Step 3: Setup Catalogs and Approval Workflows

      Make everyday purchasing easier for suppliers by setting up punch-out catalogs with your preferred suppliers like Amazon, Staples, Office Depot, and many more.

      Setup automated approval workflows so that you can easily control the cost before the invoice shows up!

      Start creating purchase orders.

        Step 4: Setup Invoicing and Matching Automation

        Say bye-bye to the manual matching of invoices with purchase orders.

        Setup automation to automatically capture invoices and let the system do the 3-way and 2-way match for you. You can even define tolerances for accepting invoices variance within a certain range.

          Step 5: Pay Vendors Using Your Existing Tools

          We automatically send ready to pay bills to QuickBooks.

          Pay using QuickBooks BillPay, manual checks, or using third party platforms like Bill.com.

          Don’t worry we will automatically sync the payment information back to ProcureDesk so that your employees don’t bug you about the payment status.

            ROI guarantee

            If you don’t see an immediate reduction in the time spent on processing purchase orders and invoices, then the first month is on us. 

            You Deserve a Better Purchasing Process

            Control Cost and Increase Cashflow Visibility

            Integrated purchasing and invoicing to help you drive a better, transparent purchasing process.

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