Every growing company needs an online purchase order system

We have helped many companies get rid of their manual purchase order process, and we can help you too.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“The fact that we didn’t have to receive invoices from a bunch of different places was a great improvement over the current process.
It is a huge labor-saving since we don’t have to type in invoices in the QuickBooks system”


Kevin Slatnick – CFO Coast Flight

The Old Way

Honestly, Is this way to create and manage your purchase orders?

Spreadsheets are great but not for creating and tracking purchase orders for your company.

  • Still, using a spreadsheet to create purchase orders? A manual purchase order process can work initially, but the process does not scale to support your business growth.
  • Chasing managers for purchase approvals is no fun! Especially when you have a paper request form.
  • A manual approval process can be as long as two days. Imagine the impact it has on your business. You can’t get the products or services in time.
  • Manual spreadsheets for order tracking become outdated quickly because of the constant changes to the order status.
  • Worst case, employees completely skip the purchase orders process, and now you have unauthorized spending.
  • Unauthorized spending leads to surprise invoices that mess up your cash flow planning!

The Solution

Imagine never having to track another order spreadsheet!

With an online purchase order system, you will never worry about managing spreadsheets.

  1. ProcureDesk provides a single palace to create, approve and track purchase orders.
  2. Use catalogs to make repeat purchases a breeze. Create the catalog once and then purchase with one click.
  3. Punchout catalogs allow you to connect to different vendor websites and copy the cart data into the procurement data. Your employees get a better purchasing experience, and you get better cost controls.
  4. Control spending by establishing budgets and then using the budget controls to avoid overspending.
  5. An online purchase order system makes compliance easier. With automated workflows, employees get routed to appropriate stakeholders for approval.


ProcureDesk Demo

ProcureDesk helps you simplify your purchasing processing using cloud-based purchase order software.

Here is how it works.

Step 01

Automate the manual purchase order process

No more paper forms!

    • Streamline your purchasing by automating the manual purchasing process. Configure the fields you need to create a purchase.
    • Select the PO template that best matches your purchase order format.
    • Automate user defaults so that the system can create purchase orders without selecting the same data repeatedly—for example, chart of accounts, ship-to address, department, etc.

Step 02

Supplier catalogs for a better purchasing experience

Provide a better employee experience and increase your procurement team’s productivity using supplier catalogs.

    • With integration with over 100 suppliers, it is easy to link ProcureDesk to your favorite online store like Amazon.com so that employees can get the online shopping experience. 
    • You can still pay using a company purchasing card and a purchase order process. 

Step 03

Automated purchase approvals

With automated purchase order approval workflows, your request gets routed for approvals automatically. 

    • Define your purchasing policy. Set up your authorization matrix and then let the system send the request for approval based on location, user, department, or different stakeholders. 
    • Managers get real-time visibility into spending, which helps them control costs. 
    • The procurement team has complete visibility into purchases, leading to better cost savings.

Step 04

Email notifications and Mobile app for approvals

With purchase order management software, you don’t have to worry about tracking purchase approvals.

    • The system automatically sends email reminders to get purchase order requests approved on time.
    • With the mobile app, managers can approve purchase requests and speed up the approval cycle time. 

Step 05

Automatically generate a purchase order

One of the key benefits of purchase order automation is that you don’t have to manually send purchase orders to suppliers.

    • With the purchase order workflow, you can instruct the system to send the purchase order to the supplier after internal approvals.
    • Track all your purchase order documents in one single place.
    • Inbuilt reporting tool provides granular spend visibility. With an open order report, you can track all open purchase orders and the invoicing activity for those purchase orders. 

Step 06

Send purchase order to your Accounting system.

Once the purchase order is created, automatically send the purchase order to your accounting system. 

    • ProcureDesk integrates with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Enterprise, Xero, Sage Intacct, and Netsuite. 
    • You can also send the purchase order to your inventory management system. 
    • Alternatively, you can use the ProcureDesk Inventory module to track your stock levels.  

ROI guarantee

If you don’t see an immediate reduction in the time spent on processing purchase orders, then the first month is on us. 

Purchase to Pay Process Optimizer

Actionable strategies you can implement today to reduce the time
spent on processing purchase orders & Invoices.


Common Questions

An online purchase order system automates purchasing process by implementing purchase approval workflows. An online purchase order system is a cloud-based purchasing software.
Employees can create purchase requisitions that are then converted into purchase orders.

A purchase order system automates the purchasing process by creating a requisition, getting it approved, and dispatching the purchase order to the supplier. A purchase order system supports different types of purchase orders.

It depends upon the number of purchase orders created by the small business. If you create less than 10 purchase orders, you don't need a purchase order system.

An electronic purchase order refers to a purchase order digitally generated by the purchase order system.No one is creating and printing the purchase order.

The three major steps in the purchase order process are as follows:
1. Create purchase requisition.
2. approve the purchase requisition
3. Generate and dispatch the purchase order to the supplier.

The electronic purchase order software creates efficiencies by eliminating the manual purchase request process.
It is easier for employees to create purchase order requests and easier for managers to approve purchase requests. By eliminating the manual steps, you cut the cycle time by 40-50%, reducing cost. It reduces the average cost of creating a purchase order by 50%.

A purchase order is a legal document issued by a buyer to a supplier. A purchase order document lists the items you want to purchase, when and where to be delivered, and other purchasing terms.

Yes, if you have a manual purchasing process and you want to increase your purchasing speed.

To create a purchase order, you need to understand the following:

1. What are you purchasing?
2. What is the cost of the purchase?
3. Who must approve the purchase before sending the order to the vendor? 
4. A tool like ProcureDesk to create an online purchase order 

That really depends upon your requirements. We have compiled a list of the top 7 best purchase order software for you.