Every growing business needs a purchasing solution 

And hundreds of growing companies are using ProcureDesk with QuickBooks Enterprise to put purchasing and invoicing on autopilot.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“ProcureDesk has helped our company create a transparent and well-documented procurement process using their simple and user-friendly platform”

COO – Speciality Manufacturing Company

The Old Way

Is This the Best Way to Manage PO’s & Process Invoices?

If you are using QuickBooks Enterprise (a.ka. QuickBooks Desktop), You probably have limited use of purchase orders.

The vendors are probably sending you non-PO invoices, and you have no way to know if this invoice is ready to be paid or needs additional approvals.

So you do what you know best, send emails, and ask employees to approve the invoices.

This process is cumbersome and the end result is that it takes more time to close books and you are spending weekends so that you can enter all the invoices on time to close the books.

An alternate approach is to create and maintain purchase orders in Spreadsheets so that when the invoice comes, you can match the invoices with the purchase orders.

Here are the problems with spreadsheets:


  • Spreadsheets get outdated pretty fast without constant updates.
  • The purchase order data keeps on changing but buyers don’t always update the spreadsheets.
  • It is difficult to ensure compliance with the purchasing policy.
  • It is a struggle to track what invoice is approved and what is pending without complete visibility into order history.

The Solution

QuickBooks Enterprise is Awesome but Can It Scale With Your Operations?

As you scale your operation, you need better control over your Spend.

That means the management team should be able to review the purchase before the Purchase Order is sent to the vendor.

That way you have a mechanism to control cost but also to control the cash flow.

QuickBooks Enterprise provides strong capabilities for creating purchasing orders and tracking inventory but it doesn’t work in the following scenarios:

  • There is no way to route a purchase order request for approval. You land up using emails for requesting a purchase. Emails don’t scale with purchasing volume.
  • Auditing with emails becomes a nightmare. Do you remember a time when you have to dig up an approval email from 6 months ago!
  • There is no way to store additional information related to a purchase order. For example delivery information, tracking numbers, and vendor acknowledgments.
  • Very limited customization for purchase order templates. Sometimes vendors need to see additional attributes like Supplier part #, model number, etc.
  • There is no way to implement supplier self-service for vendors. All invoices have to be manually keyed in the QuickBooks Enterprise system.
  • There is no automated matching process to match the incoming invoices with the purchase orders.
  • All invoice approvals are to be routed via email before they are entered into the system. Imagine keeping track of 100’s of invoices and then entering them in time to meet the supplier payment due date!

Is Your Current Process Inefficient and Expensive?

Manual processes are inefficient and cost you more

  • The average cost to manually process a purchase order is $60.  
  • Matching invoices manually is the main reason why AP spends so much time on processing invoices.
  • The processing cost scales exponentially as your company scales.

There’s a Better Way to Manage PO’s and Invoices.

ProcureDesk provides an integrated purchasing and invoicing solution that integrates with QuickBooks Enterprise.

We help you control cost, reduce the time spent on processing invoices, and eliminate the data entry in QuickBooks Enterprise.

Here is how it works.

Step 01

Purchase Order Management Software That Syncs with QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

Connect your QuickBooks Account to ProcureDesk, it takes less than a minute.Connect QuickBooks Desktop/Enterprise with ProcureDesk within minutes. Upload a simple web connector file and you are ready to sync the data.

    Setup your own sync frequency and make the sync as good as real-time.

Step 02

Import Chart of Accounts and Other Master Data

Why recreate data that you already have in QuickBooks Enterprise!


We agree!

With a simple click, you can import all the relevant master data you need to manage purchase orders and invoices in ProcureDesk.

    • Sync key master data elements like Suppliers, Charts of accounts, items, Classes, payment terms, and so on so that you can use that in the ProcureDesk purchase order tool.
    • Want to link purchase data to your customer projects so that you accurately invoice customers?
    • Just import the jobs/estimates from QuickBooks Enterprise and link to the purchase order or invoices in ProcureDesk.

Step 03

Customize Your Own Purchase Order Software

Configurable purchase order system to meet your specific use case.

    • Customize the purchase order fields you need to run your business.
    • Use system-generated purchase orders or create your own custom PO numbers range.
    • Customization options to support the PO format. Select from pre-configured templates or just create a new template and add whatever fields you need including the quantity of the item, company logo, vendor details. Adjust the width of fields like item description column, qty, unit cost, etc.
    • Set up business rules to make it easy for end-users to create purchase requests. For example, rules for automatically assigning Accounts based on user, supplier, or catalog item.
    • Strong catalog support to enable an online shipping experience supported by a simple interface.
    • A single place to track a complete purchase order list including open vendor orders and open balance. All information about purchase orders and invoices is available at a quick glance.

Step 04

Configurable Approval Workflows to Support Your Purchase Order Approval Process

Whether you have a simple approval or need multi-step approvals, we handle it all.

Setup automation to automatically capture invoices and let the system do the 3-way and 2-way match for you. You can even define tolerances for accepting invoices variance within a certain range.

    • With the configurable workflow engine, you can set up the most optimum purchase order process for you.
    • Use the pre-configured workflows, or set up your own workflow in minutes.
    • Automated notifications for approvals and purchase order status changes.

Step 05

Approve Purchase Orders and Invoices Using a Mobile App

Approvals should be simple to execute, we agree!

    • Omnichannel approvals frameworks to support the way you would like to approve the documents like purchase orders and supplier invoices (a.k.a Bills).
    • On the go – use our Mobile App to review and approve purchase orders and invoices. Both Android and iOS are supported.
    • Do you live in your Inbox? no problem! Approve right from your email in one click.
    • Complete audit history of the entire approval chain in one single place.

Step 06

Automatically Import Purchase Orders into QuickBooks Desktop

No need for redundant data entry of purchase order information into QuickBooks Enterprise.

    • Control when and how often you want to import the purchase orders into QuickBooks.
    • Automated process to send purchase orders to QuickBooks upon final approval.
    • Support for items that are in the QuickBooks item master as well the items that are not in the Item master.

Step 07

Automated Supplier Bills Import Into Procuredesk

Don’t spend time uploading supplier invoices in the system. ProcureDesk automatically does that for you.

    • Automatically create bills from your AP email box without the need to download and upload invoice attachments.
    • Self-service Supplier portal to allow your suppliers to convert POs into invoices on their own. Increased invoice accuracy and no work for you!
    • Handle large volume invoices through electronic invoices. Support for both EDI and cXML.

Step 08

Automatically Enforce 2 or 3 Way Matching Compliance

Never worry about compliance again!

    • Automated 3-way and 2-way match engine to match invoices with purchase orders and receipts.
    • Built-in exception management tool to resolve matching exceptions.
    • Automated reminders to ensure that the supporting documents are uploaded on time and invoices are created in the system.

Step 09

Import Bills into QuickBooks Enterprise

Automated sync of Bills with QuickBooks.

    • No need to enter the Bill data manually in QuickBooks.
    • Once the invoice is approved, the Bill is automatically created in QuickBooks.

Step 10

Pay the Vendors and Sync the Payment Status

Pay the vendors the way you pay them today

    • Pay open bills from QuickBooks using the ACH process, credit card, etc.
    • Or Integrate with Payment gateways like Bill.com and pay the vendors.
    • Once payment status is updated, we automatically update the payment information back to ProcureDesk.
    • No more inquiries about vendor invoice payment status. Enable self-service by allowing employees to see the payment status.

ROI guarantee

If you don’t see an immediate reduction in the time spent on processing purchase orders and invoices, then the first month is on us. 

You Deserve a Better Purchasing Process


Control Cost and Increase Cashflow Visibility

Integrated purchasing and invoicing to help you drive a better, transparent purchasing process.

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Common Questions

No, there is no way to track purchase orders in QuickBooks. However, you can track orders in ProcureDesk. You can not only track receipts but also order acknowledgments and shipping information. We support order tracking across 100+ carriers.

The integration process is very simple and takes around 15 minutes. ProcureDesk leverages Intuit’s QuickBooks Web Connector to pull and push the data to QuickBooks.
You can then set up the connector to connect as frequently you want to exchange data between ProcureDesk and QuickBooks Enterprise.

You would need at least one generic item for creating the purchase orders. If you decide to only sync invoices/Bills then no item needs to be maintained in QuickBooks.

Yes, we sync both purchase orders and Bills.

Yes, suppliers are automatically synced from QuickBooks to ProcureDesk. You can use the scheduled process or do an on-demand import of supplier data from QuickBooks Enterprise.

Yes, the purchase order form is configurable and you can add the relevant fields on the purchase order. You can also customize what gets added to the Purchase order document that is sent to the vendor.

Yes, we do have many small companies using ProcureDesk. Customers who create more than 10-15 purchase orders per month get the best value from ProcureDesk.

Sure you can. If you decide not to use ProcureDesk for Accounts payable then you can create purchase orders in ProcureDesk. The purchase order is automatically synced with QuickBooks and you can then create the invoice against that.

Yes, After the receipt is created in ProcureDesk, you can choose to sync the receipt data into QuickBooks.

Yes, we sync payments made by credit card as well as Checks. If you use a third-party system like Bill.com, then payments can also be synched from other systems.