Best Purchasing System For QuickBooks Enterprise

Spend less time processing purchase orders and invoices without the spreadsheets and folders.


QuickBooks Enterprise Is Awesome, But Can It Scale With Your Operations?

QuickBooks Enterprise provides purchase order creation capabilities but do you really want your employees messing up your Books?

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Every Week 10s or 100s of Approvals Need To Be Made Manually.

  • Impossible to control costs
  • Data always un-updated
  • Can’t trust what it says

Watch me make a “1-click” approval & track it’s real-time status.

  • Real-time budget visibilty
  • Approve orders with confidence
  • Match invoices & order automatically

There is a better way to manage your purchasing and invoicing process, control costs, and eliminate manual data entry in QuickBooks

( We’ll Set Up Everything For You )

  • Integrated purchasing platform that handles purchase orders and supplier invoices.
  • Custom purchase order approval process based on your needs.
  • Training and migration included.
Step: 01

Setup your Purchase requisition process

Set up your purchasing process in just minutes. Use the configurable workflow engine to set up your purchase order approval workflow.

Import data like the charts of accounts, suppliers, locations, customers, etc., into your purchase order software system.

Customizable purchase process using custom fields.

Set up multiple-level workflows to route purchase requests to finance and business owners.

Approve request for approval from email, mobile app or web.

Step: 02

Enhance your purchase order process with catalogs

Set up your preferred vendors catalogs in no time using punchout process.

Provide an online shopping experience for your employees.

Step: 03

Create and approve purchase orders

Manage the entire purchase order lifecycle and see the purchase order list in one place.

With purchase order feature, you can easily customize the look and feel of your purchase order.

Purchase approval workflow automatically routes the purchase order as per your business process. Get notified as PO moves through different approval stages.

Issue digital purchase order to vendors automatically based on the supplier details.

Create and track item receipts.

Step: 04

Match invoices with purchase orders

A simple interface for the payable team to track vendor invoices.

Automatically invoice matching with purchase orders using the 3-way and 2-way match process.

Automate your payable process by leveraging an inbuilt exception management process.

Step: 05

Approved Bill synced with QuickBooks Accounting Software

The purchase order management software automatically syncs approved Bills with QuickBooks Desktop or Enterprise version. No more redundant data entry.

Pay vendors as per their payment terms using QuickBooks or other Bill payment systems like

Step: 06

Payment status updated in ProcureDesk

Avoid multiple inquiries about the payment status by enabling employee self-service.

Business owners and finance teams get complete cash flow visibility into your credit card charges and Bills.

Common Questions

Yes, QuickBooks does have a purchase order process but the process is manual and there is no support for routing purchase request for approval. You can manually create and issue PO's to vendors. In addition to purchase orders, the system also provides inventory management capabilities.

No, there is no way to track purchase orders in QuickBooks. However, you can track orders in purchase order tools like ProcureDesk. The warehouse manager can not only track receipts but also order acknowledgments and shipping information. We support order tracking across 100+ carriers.

The integration process is very simple and takes around 15 minutes. ProcureDesk leverages Intuit’s QuickBooks Web Connector to pull and push the data to QuickBooks. You can then set up the connector to exchange data between ProcureDesk and QuickBooks Enterprise as per your company requirement.

You would need at least one generic item for creating the purchase orders. If you decide to only sync invoices/Bills then no item needs to be maintained in QuickBooks.

Yes, we sync both purchase orders and Bills.

Yes, suppliers are automatically synced from QuickBooks to ProcureDesk. You can use the scheduled process or do an on-demand import of supplier data from QuickBooks Enterprise.

Yes, the purchase order form is configurable and you can add the relevant fields on the purchase order. You can also customize what gets added to the Purchase order document that is sent to the vendor.

Yes, we do have many small companies using ProcureDesk. Customers who create more than 10-15 purchase orders per month get the best value from ProcureDesk.

Sure you can. If you decide not to use ProcureDesk for Accounts payable then you can create purchase orders in ProcureDesk. The purchase order is automatically synced with QuickBooks and you can then create the invoice against that.

Yes, After the receipt is created in ProcureDesk, you can choose to sync the receipt data into QuickBooks.

Yes, we sync payments made by credit card as well as Checks. If you use a third-party system like, then payments can also be synched from other systems.

Yes, ProcureDesk provides a sold purchasing process automation capabilities that integrate with QuickBooks Online.