Purchase Order Approval And Invoicing Software For Xero

Control cost and manage purchase orders without giving employees access to Xero


Manually generating purchase orders in Xero and spreadsheets for order tracking doesn't scale.

You are losing $1000's managing a manual purchase order approval workflow that works with Xero.

  • +more

Every Week 10s or 100s of Approvals Need To Be Made Manually.

  • Impossible to control costs
  • Data always un-updated
  • Can’t trust what it says

Watch me make a “1-click” approval & track it’s real-time status.

  • Real-time budget visibilty
  • Approve orders with confidence
  • Match invoices & order automatically

There’s a Better Way to Manage Purchase Order Approval Process in Xero. Here is how it works.

( We’ll Set Up Everything For You )

  • Fully integrated purchasing and invoicing solution that integrates with Xero.
  • Customized purchasing process to suit your specieid purchasing workflow needs.
  • Setup and training included
Step: 01

Purchase Order Software That Integrates With Xero

Connect your Xero Accounting Software module to ProcureDesk, it takes less than a minute.

Step: 02

Sync The Master Data From Xero

We will automatically import data from Xero. That includes the chart of accounts, suppliers, Tracking categories, projects, and everything you need to create, track purchase orders, and invoices

No redundant data entry and creating data in two different systems. ProcureDesk supports 2-way sync with Xero for master data like suppliers.

Have multiple business units? No problem, you can manage data across multiple Xero business units in one single ProcureDesk instance.

No redundant data entry and creating data in two different systems.

ProcureDesk supports 2-way sync with Xero for master data like suppliers.

Step: 03

Setup Catalogs For Better Employee Experience

Make everyday purchasing easier for suppliers by setting up punch-out catalogs with your preferred suppliers like Amazon, Staples, Office Depot, and many more.

Enable one-click purchasing so that employees don’t have to type in data to create requisitions.

Step: 04

Purchase Order Approval Workflow

Control cost by routing Purchase Order (PO) request for approval before it is sent to the vendor.

ProcureDesk flexible workflow engine is designed to suit your cost control needs. For example, purchase order request routing based on business units, department, the purchase amount, etc.

Multi-level purchase order and invoice approval based on authority level or complex workflow rules.

Route the approvals to department managers or finance to ensure proper authorization of the spend.

Have different business units? No problem you can set up different approval workflows for each business unit.

Need to get quotes before the approval of purchase orders? No problem, we got you covered. With built-in quote management, you can easily get quotes from suppliers and automate your end-to-end procurement process.

Step: 05

Mobile App For Purchase & Invoice Approvals

Approve purchase requests or invoices with ease by using ProcureDesk Mobile App for approvals.

Supported on both Android and Apple (iOS) devices, approvals have never been easier.

Step: 06

Track Orders And Delivery Status

Track all purchase orders in one single place. No more spreadsheets to track order status and delivery information.

Step: 07

Setup Invoicing And Matching Automation

Say bye-bye to the manual matching of invoices with purchase orders.

Setup automation to automatically capture invoices and let the system do the 3-way and 2-way match for you.

You can even define tolerances for accepting invoices variance within a certain range.

With the integrated Invoicing module, you don’t have to worry about manual data entry in Xero. Once the Bill is approved in ProcureDesk, we automatically import the bill into Xero.

Step: 08

Pay Vendors Using Your Existing Tools

We automatically send ready-to-pay bills to Xero.

Pay bills using Xero or any other payment platform like Bill.com.

Don’t worry we will automatically sync the payment information back to ProcureDesk so that your employees that the vendor has been paid.

Get a real-time view of your cash flow with Dashboard and reporting.

Common Questions

Yes, however there is no way to send purchase orders for approvals.

No, You don’t need to manually sync the data between ProcureDesk and Xero. We integrate transactions like Purchase Orders and Invoices in real time so that you can instantly see the data in Xero. Other data that needs to be pulled from Xero can be either scheduled or imported on-demand.

Yes, you can match the invoices with purchase orders and receipts for material purchases. For service invoices, you can match an invoice with a purchase order and then route for review before the invoice can be marked approved.

Yes, once the invoice is marked paid in Xero, we sync the payment status along with payment remittance details from Xero. This can be done on-demand or on a fixed schedule.

Yes, if you have tracking categories configured in Xero, that can be imported into ProcureDesk. You can then assign the category codes to transactions like Purchase Orders and Invoices.

Yes, ProcureDesk supports configurable workflows that allow you to easily set up the workflow. You can set up multiple steps, group approvals, or conditional workflows based on the amount, department, etc.

The purchase order is approved in ProcureDesk. Once the PO is approved, it is automatically sent to the vendor and Xero at the same time.

Yes, the invoice copy is sent along with the invoice data to Xero.

You can choose one system to create and manage suppliers so that you don’t have to duplicate the effort. For example, You can create suppliers in ProcureDesk and it will automatically sync that with Xero. Alternatively, you can create suppliers in Xero and sync back to ProcureDesk.