Every Biotech Startup Needs a Purchasing Solution

We understand you have a new invention to get to the market, let us worry about your lab supplies & equipment purchase.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Biotech StartupLab Manager

ProcureDesk helps us keep track of all lab supplies purchases through a single dashboard.

The Old Way

Is This the Best Way to Manage Your Lab Supplies Purchasing?

Spreadsheets for order tracking, multiple credit cards, email approvals,.. It is a mess

  • It is painful to maintain spreadsheets for order tracking because they quickly get outdated.
  • Chasing managers for approval is no fun. Seriously, how many times you need to remind someone to approve your request! 
  • Keeping track of all credit card purchases and then submitting expenses is time-consuming. 
  • Working with Accounting to code invoices is not the best use of your time!


The Solution

Imagine never have to worry about purchasing & tracking lab supplies

  1. Easy purchase approvals without endless email approval chains. Automated reminders for the ones who always forget to approve on time!
  2. Purchase from your favorite vendors without keeping track of credit card purchases. All your vendor catalogs at one single place.
  3. Track all your orders in one single place without spreadsheets.
  4. Automated invoice coding, so that your team has more time to do research and not coding invoices. 
  5. No more credit card spending, consolidate billing to eliminate expense reports.

Reduce Time Spent On Processing Po’s And Invoices By 50%

Integrated purchasing and invoicing to help you drive better, transparent purchasing process

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There is a better way to purchase and track your lab supplies Here is how it works.

Step 01

Curate a List of Your Preferred Vendors

We already work with your favorite vendors and we are adding new vendors every day. 

Supply purchase is a breeze with catalogs. Create purchase request by clicking few buttons and not filling long requisition forms.

    Step 02

    Setup Your Approval Process

     Set up an approval process to enable accountability. Enable self-approval for small expenses to avoid approval bottlenecks. 

      Step 03

      Connect to Quickbooks or Any Other Accounting System

      ProcureDesk integrated with QuickBooks Online and Desktop. Integrate it in under 5 minutes and import all the data you need to create requisitions.

        Step 04

        Start Creating Purchase Requests

        Easily create purchase requests

          Step 05

          Track All Your Purchases at One Single Location

          Track the orders in real-time and confirm delivery

            Step 06

            Track and Manage Lab Supplies Inventory

            Easily track your lab supplies inventory, batches, and what is on hand, and what is on the way. 

              ROI guarantee

              If you don’t see an immediate reduction in the time spent on processing purchase orders and invoices, then the first month is on us. 

              Purchase to Pay Process Optimizer

              Actionable strategies you can implement today to reduce the time
              spent on processing purchase orders & Invoices.


              Common Questions

              Yes, you can use ProcureDesk for all lab purchases including supplies, capital equipment, and CRO services.

              Yes, we support punchout integration with major suppliers like ThermoFisher™, Fisher Scientific™, VWR™, Sigma™, and many more...

              Yes, we provide detailed tracking for purchase orders. You can track not only the acknowledgment status but also track when the product is shipped and delivered.

              Absolutely! You can set up the system where all purchase goes to Lab managers or only purchases above a certain dollar threshold goes to the Lab managers for approval.

              You can easily set up a multi-step approval workflow to include finance and management in the approval process based on your authorization matrix.

              Yes, the ProcureDesk inventory module allows you to track inventory for all supplies and equipment.

              You can track the usage and on-hand inventory and manage inventory across multiple locations.

              Yes, you can track different lot numbers as well as expiration dates for individual lot numbers.

              Yes, ProcureDesk is a certified partner and listed on the app marketplace. We provide very strong integration for QuickBooks online customers. We automatically sync the master data like suppliers, projects, classes, and charts of accounts, and of course transaction data like purchase orders and Invoices.

              Yes, We support 3-way matches for material purchases and 2-way matches for service items. The exception management engine automatically identified the discrepancies in the documents and route them for further approval.

              Yes, ProcureDesk supports OCR so that you don’t have to spend any time on data entry.

              Yes, ProcureDesk supports Blanket orders for services. Set up the order once and then easily tracks invoices against that order in one single place.

              Yes, with the automated rules engine, you can easily set up workflows for coding purchase orders and invoices based on what is being purchased and from whom.