Single system for Biotech purchasing needs

Purchasing software to automate purchasing so that you spend less time ordering lab supplies. Let's Scientist to science!


Spreadsheets Weren’t Made For Tracking 100s of Orders & Invoices…

An inefficient procurement system can cost your team $1000s in mistakes and is a constant hassle to maintain.

  • +more

Every Week 10s or 100s of Approvals Need To Be Made Manually.

  • Impossible to control costs
  • Data always un-updated
  • Can’t trust what it says

Watch me make a “1-click” approval & track it’s real-time status.

  • Real-time budget visibilty
  • Approve orders with confidence
  • Match invoices & order automatically

There is a better way for Biotech companies to purchase and track your lab supplies. Here is how it works.

( We’ll Set Up Everything For You )

  • Custom Auto approval rules based on your needs.
  • Training and migration included.
Step: 01

Curate a list of your favorite vendors.

Streamline your purchasing process using vendor catalogs and punchout catalogs.

Purchase from your preferred vendors through a single portal. Whether you are purchasing supplies from VWR, ThermoFisher or other vendors, we got you covered.

See your preferred pricing and easily find custom quotes from different suppliers. Achieve your cost savings goals without compromising efficiency.

Create purchase requests with a few clicks.

Step: 02

Automate purchase approvals without emails back and forth

Configurable approval workflows so you set up purchase approvals once, and the system automatically routes the approval request.

The system notifies approvers through email notifications or mobile app notifications.

Route the purchase request to the lab manager, finance team, or department leads.

Reduce purchase order approval cycle time through automated reminders..

Step: 03

Track all your electronic purchases in one single place

Automated purchase order generation frees your purchasing team from generating and sending the purchase order to the vendors.

Your lab team can easily find purchase orders and track critical orders in your procurement software.

Step: 04

Purchase order tracking and much more

Track order acknowledgements and Advance Shipment Notice (ASN).

The purchase order module sends real-time status updates on your deliveries.

Step: 05

Automatically match invoices with purchase orders.

A central place for the Accounts payable team to track all supplier invoices.

Automated 3-way matching of invoices with purchase orders and receipts.

Automated workflows for exception management.

Step: 06

Automated Invoice sync with your accounting system

Avoid manual tasks through automated invoice creation using OCR.

Real-time integration with your accounting system so that you don't have to create the same invoice twice.

Streamline your Biotech operations through touchless e-invoicing.

Step: 07

Pay vendors

Pay vendors using your accounting software or a payment solution like

The system automatically updates the payment status after the invoice is paid.

Step: 08

Track credit card expenses

Centralized expense tracking for supplier invoices and credit card expenses.

Achieve complete expense management spend visibility.

Common Questions

Yes, you can use ProcureDesk for all lab purchases, including supplies, capital equipment, and CRO services.

We support punchout integration with major suppliers like ThermoFisher™, Fisher Scientific™, VWR™, Sigma™, and many more. The procurement team can use punchouts to ensure discounts based on purchase volume are still available.

Yes, we provide detailed tracking for purchase orders. You can track not only the acknowledgment status but also when the product is shipped and delivered.

Absolutely! You can set up a custom workflow where all purchases go to Lab managers or only purchases above a certain dollar threshold go to the Lab managers for approval. The workflow engine allows you to automate your procurement steps per your policy. Based on your authorization matrix, you can easily set up a multi-step approval workflow to include finance and management in the approval process.

Yes, the ProcureDesk inventory module allows you to track all supplies and equipment inventory. You can track the usage and on-hand inventory and manage across multiple inventory locations.

Yes, you can track different lot numbers as well as expiration dates for individual lot numbers.

Yes, ProcureDesk is a certified partner and listed on the app marketplace. We provide very strong integration for QuickBooks online customers. We automatically sync the master data like suppliers, projects, classes, and charts of accounts, and of course transaction data like purchase orders and Invoices.

Yes, We support 3-way matches for material purchases and 2-way matches for service items. The exception management engine automatically identified the discrepancies in the documents and route them for further approval.

Yes, ProcureDesk supports OCR so that you don't have to spend any time on data entry.

Yes, ProcureDesk supports Blanket orders for services. Set up the order once and then easily tracks invoices against that order in one single place.

Yes, with the automated rules engine, you can easily set up workflows for coding purchase orders and invoices based on what is being purchased and from whom.

Yes, ProcureDeks can automate the procure-to-pay process for Pharma companies and Life Science companies. You can implement budget controls, automate invoice process,track supplier performance, and much more.

Yes, our software offers extensive customization options. You can tailor purchasing workflows, adjust document and product fields, and configure the software to align with your unique operational requirements. This flexibility ensures our solution grows with your business, supporting your current purchasing situation.

With centralized vendor management and real-time reporting, our software significantly enhances visibility and control maverick spending. It enables you to consolidate requisitions, leverage bulk buying discounts, and ensure that spending aligns with your budget and procurement strategy.