Every Growing Company Needs a Purchase Order System

And hundreds of growing companies are using ProcureDesk to simplify their purchasing process and getting rid of manual spreadsheets-based processes.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“ProcureDesk saves us 25% to 35% percent of the time that we used to spend on processing invoices, which is huge.”

Kevin Slatnick – CFO Coast Flight



The Old Way

Is This the Best Way to Manage Your Purchase Order Approvals?

A manual requisition paper-based process doesn’t scale, especially in today’s remote work environment.

  • The manual purchase approval process leads to confusion, delays, and productivity loss.
  • No one wants to deal with never-ending email chains and chasing managers for approvals.
  • Employees might forget what to fill in each field of a long requisition form leading to errors. This leads to a lack of transparency and compliance issues.

The Solution

Tracking PO approvals & Orders in Spreadsheets Doesn’t Work

You might be using spreadsheets to keep track of purchase orders. The truth is spreadsheets don’t scale. Here is the problem with spreadsheets.

  1. The more people working on creating and managing orders, the harder it is to track who is doing what.
  2. The spreadsheet order tracker might be incomplete because you forgot to enter a purchase order in the system.
  3. The spreadsheets become outdated pretty fast as the information keeps on changing.

There’s a Better Way to Manage Purchase Order Approval & PO Process

ProcureDesk procurement software has a built-in purchase order approval process that helps you with the automation of the purchase requisition approvals, automated approvals, and keeping track of all your purchases in one single place. Moreover, it integrates with your favorite accounting systems like QuickBooks, Xero, and others so that you don’t have to enter data into your accounting system.

Here is how a Purchase order(PO) software works.

Step 01

Setup the Purchase Approval Process /Workflow

Setup the purchase approval process to enable cost control using PO software.

    • Pre-built templates to get you started with the purchase order approval workflow.
    • Set up a conditional workflow to support your business requirements. For example, purchase order approvals based on the amount, department, budget, etc.
    • Set up auto-approval rules for small purchases so that the managers don’t have to approve every single purchase request.
    • Setup different workflows for large Capital purchases vs. ongoing business expense.

Step 02

Simplify Purchasing Through Catalogs

Spend less time creating purchase orders by leveraging catalogs for purchasing.

    • Set your own catalogs for frequently purchased items. 
    • Connect with vendors like Amazon, CDW, Staples for a better experience and better cost controls.
    • Use the ProcureDesk Chrome plugin to pull cart data from any available website. 
    • Simplify your procurement process!

Step 03

Approve the Way You Like to Work

Spend less time approving the purchase order approval requests.

    • Mobile App so that you can approve on the go.
    • Get approval notification on Slack.
    • Approve via email without the need to log in to the application. 
    • Daily reminders so that you don’t forget to approve the priority orders. 
    • Employees’ can mark a request as a priority so that you can easily identify what to focus on.

Step 04

Create Digital Purchase Orders

No more templates to manually generate purchase orders.

    • Automated purchase order generation so that you never have to manually create a purchase order.
    • Configurable templates so that you can pick the right PO format for your company.
    • Multiple ways to send the orders automatically to the vendors based on their preference, For example – emails, EDI,cXML, etc.

Step 05

Track All Your Orders in One Single Place for Better Spend Management

No more spreadsheets for tracking orders.

    • Track all your orders in one single dashboard. 
    • Reports to show you what is open and what needs your attention.
    • Easily track all the purchase orders that are not invoiced so that you can correctly accrue the expenses.

Step 06

Built-in Shipment Tracking for Complete Visibility

Stop worrying about your order delivery status.

    • Built-in supplier acknowledgment process so that the suppliers can provide order acknowledgment.
    • Track order delivery status in real-time across dozens of carriers.

Step 07

Create Receipts to Confirm Order Delivery of Goods

Stop chasing people for approving invoices.

    • With receipts, you can confirm the order receipt.
    • Everyone has a single dashboard to track whether an order has been delivered or not. 
    • Receipts are automatically matched with invoices and purchase orders so that the (Accounts Payable) AP team doesn’t have to spend time on getting the invoices approved.
    • Get better delivery data for effective supplier management.

Step 08

Sync Purchase Orders With Quickbooks, Xero, or Other Accounting Solutions

No more manual data entry of purchase orders in QuickBooks Online and Desktop (Enterprise).

    • No more manual data entry of purchase orders in QuickBooks Online and Desktop (Enterprise).
    • Support for change orders so that your data is always in sync.
    • No need to worry about permissions controls in QuickBooks.

ROI guarantee

If you don’t see an immediate reduction in the time spent on processing purchase orders and invoices, then the first month is on us. 

Purchase to Pay Process Optimizer

Actionable strategies you can implement today to reduce the time
spent on processing purchase orders & Invoices.


Common Questions

After an employee submits a purchase order request, the purchase order can be approved via email, using the mobile app, or by login into ProcureDesk

The approval process for the purchase order depends upon the approval matrix defined by your Company. The person approving the purchase order should have the appropriate authority to approve. For example, a manager might be able to approve purchases up to $10,000 but an amount greater than that needs to be approved by a Director.

A digital purchase order doesn’t need to be signed. However using ProcureDesk, you can add signatures to the purchase order.

Purchase order approval is the process of getting the purchase authorized from appropriate people in your organization before the purchase order is sent to the vendor.

The best purchase order software depends upon how well the purchase order software suits your requirement. For example, we are best suited for companies that use QuickBooks and Xero. We are not suited for companies that use Oracle and SAP.

It depends upon the time it takes for the approval process. In some cases, the process could be instant because are there are no approvals required due to self-approval. In our studies, most of the customers have an average time of fewer than 4 hours.

A purchase order system helps you control spend, get better cash flow visibility so that you can plan when and with whom to Spend. A purchase order system provides you with better transparency and improved productivity across the organization.