Every growing company needs invoice approval workflow software

We have helped 100’s of companies streamline invoice processing, and we can do the same for you.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“The fact that we didn’t have to receive invoices from a bunch of different places was a great improvement over the current process.
It is a huge labor-saving since we don’t have to type in invoices in the QuickBooks system”


Kevin Slatnick – CFO Coast Flight

The Old Way

Honestly, Is this the best way to process your invoices?

Emails and shared folders don’t scale with your business. Companies who don’t have invoice processing software struggle with the following:


1. Spend 40-50 hours a month scanning and entering invoices in the accounting system.


2. Storing invoices in multiple folders. One folder for scanned, one for pending approval, one for approved, and one for those entered in your accounting system. Who wants to manage that!


3. Not knowing the correct accounting code for the invoices and following with different stakeholders to know the spend and who authorized it.


4. Chasing managers for approvals so that you can pay supplier invoices on time.

The Solution

ProcureDesk offers a better way to manage your invoices. 

By automating the invoice approval workflow, you get the following.


1. Faster invoice processing time: Procure Desk automatically imports the invoices from supplier email. No more follow with employees to get the supplier invoices.


2. OCR the invoice to automatically identify the relevant invoice information. No more scanning paper invoices.


3. Identify the coding using auto-coding rules and no more struggling to figure out the correct accounting codes for supplier invoices.


4. Automated routing of invoices to different stakeholders and automated reminders for approvals using an invoice approval app.

5 Faster invoice approvals using an omnichannel approval process.

There’s a Better Way to Manage Your Invoice Approval Workflow

Here is how it works.

Step 01

Streamline and automate the AP workflow

Streamline the AP workflow by increasing the visibility into invoices and reducing the paperwork. Say goodbye to filing cabinets and start electronically storing all invoices.

Start with the basics of AP automation by setting up an AP email box and route all invoices to the AP email box.

Instruct your vendors to send all invoices to the AP email box instead of sending paper invoices by mail. It saves you time, and it saves vendor time and mailing cost.

    Step 02

    Setup the AP invoice approval workflow

    The invoice approval software automates the entire invoice approval process. Set up business rules for approval routing.

    You can route separate invoices based on the approval workflow driven by amount, order contact, or the type of service that you are purchasing.

    You have complete control of your invoice approval process through an automated invoice approval workflow software.

      Step 03

      Automatically route invoices for approval.

      The AP team doesn’t have to worry about emailing managers requesting invoice approvals. Save payable team time and let ProcureDesk automatically route the invoices for approval based on the pre-defined business rules.

      Setup auto-coding process so that system can automatically code invoices. That enables faster invoice creation and faster invoice approval.

      Provide easy access for managers so that they can approve invoices faster.

      Managers can approve from any device, including email, mobile device, or using the system.

      The system automatically sends approval reminders so that you don’t need to send additional invoice approval requests.

        Step 04

        Reduce AP team's with Electronic invoices

        Increase AP team efficiency by moving to electronic invoices.

        Suppliers don’t need to email the invoice document. We have integrated ProcureDesk with 100’s vendors who can submit digital invoices through cXML directly to ProcureDesk.

        Imagine the invoices showing up in your queue, fully matched without you lifting a finger.

        Speed up the invoice process and reduce human error.

        Setup automation to automatically capture invoices and let the system do the 3-way and 2-way match for you. You can even define tolerances for accepting invoices variance within a certain range.

          Step 05

          Setup up auto-matching and tolerance.

          Stop struggling with the invoice verification process.

          Forget about manually looking up purchase orders and receipts to do a 3-way match. The system automatically matches the incoming invoices with the available purchase order and receipt with auto-matchings. You get complete visibility into the matching issue through a standard report.

          No receipts – no problem.

          The system sends a reminder to the respective stakeholders. The employees can then confirm the receipt of the product.

            Step 06

            Automatically sync the invoice with your accounting system.

            No need to enter invoices in your accounting software. We integrate with your accounting package to automatically sync and create invoices after they are approved.

            We support different systems, including, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Xero, Sage Intacct, and Netsuite.

              Step 07

              Pay the vendors through your accounting system or 

              Process invoices on time and pay the vendors on time using a third-party payment platform like or use your accounting system. Avoid late payment to suppliers.

              Make payable department the hero of the company by saving money through early payment discounts.

                Step 08

                Update the invoice payment status automatically 

                Automatically sync the payment status back to ProcureDesk so that all stakeholders know when the AP team has released the payment for an invoice.

                You avoid the email back and forth, and stakeholders get instant visibility.

                  ROI guarantee

                  If you don’t see an immediate reduction in the time spent on processing purchase orders and invoices, then the first month is on us. 

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                  Integrated purchasing and invoicing to help you drive a better, transparent purchasing process.

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                  Common Questions

                  Yes, we sync both purchase orders and Bills with many systems including QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, and Netsuite.

                  Yes, suppliers are automatically synced from your accounting package to ProcureDesk. You can use the scheduled process or do an on-demand import of supplier data to ProcureDesk.

                  Yes, we do have many small companies using ProcureDesk. Customers who create more than 50 supplier invoices per month get the best value from ProcureDesk.

                  Yes, After the receipt is created in ProcureDesk, you can choose to sync the receipt data.

                  Yes, we sync payments made by credit card as well as Checks. If you use a third-party system like, then payments can also be synched from other systems.