Purchase Requisition Software That Helps You In Controlling Spend

Get rid of manual purchase request forms and reduce the requisition approval type by up to 48%.


Electronic forms and spreadsheets weren't made for creating and tracking purchase requisitions

A manual purchasing process is the biggest drag on your team’s productivity! Whether you are using a paper requisition process or electronic forms, it is not scalable.

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Every Week 10s or 100s of Approvals Need To Be Made Manually.

  • Impossible to control costs
  • Data always un-updated
  • Can’t trust what it says

Watch me make a “1-click” approval & track it’s real-time status.

  • Real-time budget visibilty
  • Approve orders with confidence
  • Match invoices & order automatically

There is a better way to manage your purchase requisition process. Here is how it works.

( We’ll Set Up Everything For You )

  • Simple to use procurement process with real-time tracking of budgets. No more manual purchase requisition forms!
  • Automated rules to assign accounting codes and other user defaults.
  • Electronic purchase requisition process with custom workflows to suit your approval needs
  • Training and migration included.
Step: 01

Set Up Approval Workflows Using A Customizable Workflow Engine

Automate your purchase approval process with a flexible workflow engine. Set up a single-level or multi-step approval process.

Control costs by reviewing all purchases before issuing a purchase order to the vendor.

Set up thresholds for different levels of the organization. For example – a Director can approve up to $1,000, while a manager can approve only up to $500.

Achieve cost savings through automated budget controls.

Step: 02

Connect To Your Favorite Supplier Websites

Enhance user experience through vendor catalogs.

Set up a punch-out catalog so employees can browse their favorite sites to select what they need to purchase—for example, Amazon.com, Staples, etc.

Items from the vendor’s website get transferred automatically to the ProcureDesk cart. There is no need to copy or paste the data or provide a link to the vendor’s website.

ProcureDesk supports 150+ punch-out vendors to make it easy for your employees.

Reduce the time spent creating purchase requisitions and avoid manual data entry errors.

Step: 03

Create Purchase Requisition With Ease

Spend less time creating purchase requisitions.

Set up user defaults or preferences so they don’t have to enter the same information repeatedly.

Use catalogs for recurring spending so users don’t manually enter the purchase data.

Automatically assign budgets to purchase and control spending in real time. You are no longer contacting finance to know if you have an available budget.

Track your purchase status anytime and send approval reminders directly from the tool.

Step: 04

Approve On The Go

Omnichannel approvals to support the way you like to approve purchases!

Three ways to approve a purchase request – use a mobile app for approval, use your email or use the web app for approvals.

Get approval notifications using mobile, email, or other Slack channels.

A daily summary to remind your approvers of pending requests in their queue.

Step: 05

Convert Requisition Into A Purchase Order

Automatically converts requests into purchase orders based on rules set up by the procurement team.

Set up a buyer review process or automatically send the purchase order to the vendor after the purchase request approval.

Set up rules to automatically convert purchase requisition to a purchase order.

Vendor-level rules allow you to set up a process for generating a purchase order. All vendors don’t accept purchase orders.

Automatically dispatch the purchase order to the vendor based on the vendor’s preference so that you don’t have to manually send the purchase order to the vendor.

Step: 06

Real-Time Reports For Spend Visibility

Get all the visibility you need at your fingertips!

Get granular visibility into your Spend through one single Spend dashboard.

Easily track your top vendors, the items you purchase the most, and employees who purchase the most.

30+ reports to support your day-to-day procurement operations. Track pending requisitions, pending conversion into a purchase order, etc.

Step: 07

Integration With Your Accounting Package

Never create the same purchase order twice.

Avoid redundant data entry into multiple systems by automatically creating the purchase order into your accounting system.

Automatically sync all the master data you need to create requisitions – charts of accounts, cost codes, departments, etc.

ProcureDesk supports integration with QuickBooks, Xero, NetSuite, Sage Intacct, etc.

Common Questions

A purchase requisition software is a web-based application that allows you to automate the manual purchase requisition process. Purchase requisition software provides an easy way to create and approve purchase requisitions.

A purchase requisition process varies from company to company, but the basic steps are as follows: Create a purchase requisition to provide information about what you are looking to purchase. Get it approved by a manager or appropriate authority. Convert the purchase requisition into a purchase order. Dispatch the purchase order to the vendor.

A purchase order software automates the process of creating and approving purchase requests. The purchase order module also has additional capabilities like automatic purchase order creation and dispatch of POs to the vendors.

A purchase requisition system automates the purchase requisition request process by providing an electronic process for creating and approving the request for purchase.

It depends upon the size of your team and the complexity of the process. If you are just starting out, a simple email process would work. if you have more than 20 employees, we recommend a purchase order mamanament software like ProcureDesk.

A purchase requisition comes before the purchase order. A purchase requisition is an authorization to purchase a product or service. However, if you don't issue a purchase order to the vendor, the vendor doesn't deliver the product or service. In other words, a purchase requisition is an internal approval, while a purchase order is an external document you send to the vendor.

Procurement refers to a company's process of purchasing a product or service. Procurement involves getting the best price for the product and service and the tactical part of purchasing the product through a purchase order process.

The employee who needs to purchase something often prepares a purchase requisition. In certain cases, a designated employee creates a purchase requisition for all other team members in that department.

A manager approves a purchase request. Multiple people might sometimes approve the purchase request based on the amount. Each company's purchasing policy defines who needs to approve a purchase request. 1. It helps automate the use case for invoice processing. 2. It is easy to implement. 3. It is affordable. We recommend looking at a couple of options and seeing what best fits your needs. It is easier for employees to create purchase order requests and managers to approve them. You cut the cycle time by 40-50% by eliminating the manual steps, reducing cost. It reduces the average cost of creating a purchase order by 50%.