Accounts payable teams at growing companies deserve an efficient Accounts payable automation solution

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“The fact that we didn’t have to receive invoices from a bunch of different places was a great improvement over the current process.
It is a huge labor-saving since we don’t have to type in invoices in the QuickBooks system”


Kevin Slatnick – CFO Coast Flight

The Old Way

Honestly, Is this the best way to manage your accounts payable process?

Companies with manual invoicing processes struggle to close books on time.

The AP team is under constant pressure to process invoices on time, leading to people working weekends.

If your AP team has a manual invoicing process, here is what your daily struggles look like:

  • The AP team has to chase suppliers to get invoices because there is no central place to receive vendor invoices.
  • You have different folders to keep track of scanned invoices, pending approval, and those that are in queue for entry in QuickBooks. Keeping the folders updated is a nightmare!
  • You manually match the invoices with the purchase orders, and there are always missing purchase orders.
  • The accounts payable team is constantly chasing employees to get the invoices approved.
  • You are spending 50+ hours every month entering invoices in the QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Enterprise system.

The Solution

Stop working weekends to close books on time

With Accounts payable automation for QuickBooks, you don’t have to worry about working weekends to close books on time.

Companies that are leveraging Accounts payable automation solutions enjoy the following benefits:

  • Our customers see a 40-50% reduction in invoice processing time—lower processing costs because of lesser manual entry of data.
  • No more chasing employees and suppliers to receive invoices. Supplier invoices get captured in one single place for you.
  • The data is extracted from Invoices using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology so that the AP clerk doesn’t need to enter the data manually.
  • The invoices get matched automatically with the purchase order using a 3-way or 2-way matching process.
  • Exceptions get routed automatically to the right stakeholder for review and approval using the invoice approval workflow engine.
  • Bills get created in QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop, without any need for redundant data entry.

ProcureDesk offers an integrated purchasing and invoicing solution that helps reduce the time spent on processing invoices by 50%

Here is how it works.

Step 01

Capture all invoices in one single place

The first step in AP automation is to centralize the invoice capture process. There is a wide range of options to get invoices from vendors.

Start with the basics of AP automation by setting up an AP email box and route all invoices to the AP email box.

Instruct your vendors to send all invoices to the AP email box instead of sending paper invoices by mail. It saves you time, and it saves vendor time and mailing cost.

    • Create a separate email box for invoices. Instruct suppliers to send invoices to the new email address. Incoming invoices are automatically scanned and created for you.
    • Reduce paper invoices by adding billing instructions on the purchase order.
    • Use electronic invoices for large vendors like so that it is easy to reconcile credit card transactions. Use Supplier portal to enable supplier self-service. Let your supplier helps you get rid of manual tasks by uploading the invoice. Reduce human error and save time.

Step 02

Extract data using OCR and review the invoice

Vendor invoices get imported, and the system extracts the data from each invoice.

    • ProcureDesk extracts both header and line-level data so that you are doing limited to no data entry.
    • In case of an invoice against a purchase order, the system matches the information and automatically populates the purchase order lines.
    • Do a quick review to ensure the accuracy of the vendor invoice before the system routes invoices for approval.

Step 03

Automated 3-way matching process

No more spending time on matching invoices with the purchase orders.

    • Automated 3-way match process matches the invoice with the purchase order and receipt.
    • Missing receipt notification is automatically sent to the buyer.
    • 2-way match process routes invoices for review. The buyer confirms if the service is received before AP marks the invoice as approved.

Step 04

Automated invoice approval workflows

Be stress-free about your accounting internal controls compliance with automated invoice approval workflow. Set up the approval process and let the system route the invoices for approval.

    • There is no need to manually email invoices for approval and then chase employees to get the invoice approved.
    • There is an automated workflow to route invoices for approval.
    • Control spending by reviewing the non-PO invoices. Save cost and reduce compliance risk.
    • Send automated email reminders for pending approvals. You don’t have to remind the users for approvals continuously.

Step 05

Auto code invoices

With the QuickBooks AP automation solution, you spend less time coding invoices.

    • With the smart matching engine, the invoices are automatically coded based on the information available in the purchase order.
    • When there is an invoice without purchase order information, you can set up rules to automatically code the invoice.
    • You can set up auto-coding guidelines based on the supplier, user, or purchased item. This leads to fewer manual journal entries to fix coding errors.

Step 06

Send Bill to QuickBooks

Automatically sync Bills with QuickBooks, and no need to ever enter bills in QuickBooks.

    • For QuickBooks online, the invoice is synced after the invoice gets approved in ProcureDesk.
    • There is no need to press buttons to sync the data between ProcureDesk and QuickBooks Online.
    • For the QuickBooks Enterprise version, you can set up the frequency for data sync, and the system does the rest.

Step 07

Sync payment status

Once the payment is issued in your accounting system (QuickBooks Online or Desktop), the payment status is synced into ProcureDesk.

    • Pay vendors on time and avail of any early payment discounts.
    • Whether you use electronic payments, checks, or cash – the payment status is automatically synced back in Procuredesk.
    • ProcureDesk streamlines the payment process and sync with your accounting software (QuickBooks). Employees always know when the invoice was paid, leading to fewer queries from internal stakeholders and vendors.

ROI guarantee

If you don’t see an immediate reduction in the time spent on processing purchase orders and invoices, then the first month is on us. 

Purchase to Pay Process Optimizer

Actionable strategies you can implement today to reduce the time
spent on processing purchase orders & Invoices.


Common Questions

Currently, there are limited options available with QuickBooks. You, of course, can upload a bill and pay the vendor. That is why a bolt-on solution like ProcureDesk can supercharge the current model.  

It depends upon your needs. We have compared 12 different options for accounts payable automation solutions to make it easier for you. 

Accounts payable automation provides you with many benefits:

1. You can reduce the invoice processing time by at least 30-40%.

2. You can pay your vendors on time or pay early and get early payment discounts. 

3. You can mitigate compliance risk by implementing segregation of duties.

You can use QuickBooks online to import the Bill and then match the Bill manually with the purchase order. You can make the model work by keeping the approvals and exception management outside the system. Alternatively, you can invest in an AP automation solution like ProcureDesk that integrates with QuickBooks Online. 

There is a wide range of AP automation solutions. To find the best solution, we recommend the following:

1. Create a list of the top 3 use cases you want the AP automation solution to solve. 

2. Invite 2-3 vendors for a quick demo.

3. Do a trial if needed. 

4. Pick the best AP automation software for your business. 

ProcureDesk is compatible with QuickBooks Online (QBO) and QuickBooks Enterprise (Desktop version). If you are considering another solution, then look if they have an integration section and if QuickBooks is listed as an option. 

You want to find a solution that calls the QuickBooks in real-time so that you don't have to worry about clicking buttons to sync the data.