Every growing business needs a purchasing solution 

And hundreds of growing companies are using ProcureDesk to put purchasing and invoicing on autopilot.

There’s a Better Way to Manage Purchasing and Accounts Payable.


ProcureDesk provides an integrated purchasing and invoicing solution that integrates with QuickBooks, Xero, and many more. We help you control cost, reduce the time spent on processing invoices, and eliminate the data entry in your accounting system.


Here is how it works.

1. Stop spending time on creating requisitions

    • Effortless requisition creation through an Amazon. Com like experience.
    • Simplify the requisition process through punchout catalogs.
    • Eliminate the confusion about where the cost should be booked. Let the system drive user cost accounting defaults.


2. Reduce time spent on approving purchase approvals

    • SImplify your approval process by giving more accountability to employees through automated approvals for small purchases.
    • ProcureDesk comes with a mobile app so that you can approve orders on the go.
    • Always have the accurate and latest information so that you can approve with confidence.

3. Automatically send a purchase order to the vendor

    • We understand no one wants to spend their workday generating Purchase orders and sending them to vendors. We don’t either.
    • Automatically transmit the purchase orders to vendors based on their preference. Email, EDI,cXml.

4. Track order status in a single place

    • Track the orders through Advance Shipping Notice (ASN’s) automatically submitted by suppliers.
    • Track the shipment status from the system.
    • Create receipts to confirm the delivery of the product.

5. Reduce time spent time on entering invoices

    • Stop spending time chasing invoices. Capture Invoices in one single place through email, supplier portal, and e-invoicing. 
    • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine to extract the invoice data and matches it to purchase order automatically.

6. No more struggle with invoice matching

    • Automated 3 -way and 2-way match to reconcile the invoices with the purchase orders and receipts.
    • Route invoice exceptions automatically using an exception workflow engine.


7. Send for payment - PO and Invoice integrated with your accounting system

    • Once the invoice is approved, the invoice is automatically sent to your accounting system in real-time. Whether you use QuickBooks, Xero, or any other system, we got you covered.
    • Don’t lose sleep over giving out access to QuickBooks or Xero to your employees because you don’t have to. 

8. Payment status updated.

    • Pay using your preferred partners or online services like Bill.com 
    • We automatically sync the payment information so that employees can check if an invoice has been paid or not.

9. Cashflow visibility at your fingertips

    • Central dashboard to give you key vitals about your cashflow. 
    • Always know who needs to be paid, how much needs to be paid and when it needs to be paid.

ROI guarantee

If you don’t see an immediate reduction in the time spent on processing purchase orders and invoices, then the first month is on us. 

You Deserve a Better Purchasing Process


Control Cost and Increase Cashflow Visibility

Integrated purchasing and invoicing to help you drive a better, transparent purchasing process.

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