ProcureDesk Invoicing module helps Accounts payable organizations to transform the manual paper based invoicing process into a fully automated electronic invoicing process. It not only leads to higher efficiency of the Accounts Payables team but also leads to better experience for your suppliers Companies leveraging ProcureDesk Invoicing module reports following benefits

Simplified invoicing process

Better Increased Staff Productivity

Touch-less invoices leads to improved staff productivity.
Accounts Payable team focus on analyzing the trends rather than spending time on scanning invoices.

Automated Exception Management

Automated 2-way, 3-way matches to identify any issues with invoices.
Automated routing of exceptions to different teams for issue resolution.
Flexible workflows for exception approval.

Supplier Self-Service

Ability for suppliers to submit the invoices through a simple process, leading to easy supplier on-boarding.
Full visibility to suppliers through invoice life cycle process including exceptions, payment remittance information.

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