Spend less time creating purchase order requests and matching invoices with purchase orders.

Simplified purchasing and approval process

Make purchasing process as simple as shopping on Amazon.com using punchout catalogs. Automated approvals eliminate the need for an email back and forth.

Automated PO generation

Automatically generate the purchase orders from requisitions and send them to the vendors. ProcureDesk supports email, EDI, and cXML standards to automate the purchase order process. 

Automated invoice matching

No more manually matching the invoices with purchase orders. With the 3-way matching process, the system automatically matches the invoices and routes for approval as needed. 

How Much is a Manual Process Costing You?

A purchase cost anywhere between $60 and $500 based on the complexity of your business. For every PO you are losing at least $60!

How does it work?

Connect ProcureDesk with Dynamic 365 Business Central

Connect ProcureDesk to your Dynamic 365 Business Central instance and establish the integration connection. It only takes a few minutes, no complicated integration setup!

Import Master data

You don’t need to re-create your master data into ProcureDesk. We automatically import the data you need to create the transactions in ProcureDesk. That includes the chart of accounts, suppliers, payment terms, job categories, jobs, and jobs WBS codes. 

Create purchase requests and purchase orders with ease

With punchout catalogs, your employees can easily choose what they need to purchase without the need to provide a website link or providing detailed item descriptions. ProcureDesk supports 100+ vendors that make the purchasing process a breeze.

Automatically dispatch and sync the purchase orders

o more downloading and emailing the purchase order to the vendor. Once the purchase request is approved, ProcureDesk automatically dispatches the order to the vendor based on the vendor’s preferences. 

ProcureDesk supports different purchase order delivery methods like email, EDI, or cXMl.

Automate the 3-way/2-way match process

Pay invoices with confidence. We ensure that you don’t pay unapproved invoices.

ProcureDesk automatically imports the invoices from your email, extracts the data from the invoice, and then matches the invoice with the purchase order and receipt. 

ProcureDesk supports both 3-way match and 2-way match for invoice documents. 

The invoice can get routed for further review and approval with a built-in workflow based on your purchasing policy.

Sync invoices with Dynamic 365 Business Central

Don’t worry about re-creating the same invoice in Dynamic 365 Business Central. ProcureDesk takes care of syncing the approved invoice with Dynamic 365 Business Central. ProcureDesk automatically syncs the data after the invoice status changes to ready to pay. No need to press buttons to sync the data!

Pay with Dynamic 365 Business Central or other Bill payment system

No need to change how you pay your vendors. You can use your existing payment methods or external bill payment systems like Bill.com. 

Payment status updated in ProcureDesk

Once the payment is done in Dynamic 365 Business Central, ProcureDesk syncs back the payment information for the invoice, and the invoice is marked as paid. No more emails for vendor payment inquiries.

Struggle free purchasing

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