How Quantus Streamlined Expense Management With ProcureDesk

Quantus, Inc. is an ISO Certified Company and provides CALIBRATION, CERTIFICATION, ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING, TECH-STAFFING, and VALIDATION Services to the LifeSciences Industry. Quantus, Inc. is a small corporation that excels at providing superior customer service and specializes in delivering technical services tailored to meet each of our customer’s unique needs and requirements. We are Compliance and Technical Services Professionals, with experience since 1998 in servicing customers operating under FDA & ISO Regulations and Standards.





Maintaining Spend Control In A Growing Company

Quantus, Inc is a leading field service provider to the life sciences industry, and also offers laboratory testing services. Over the last several years, Quantus has grown significantly, with the employee base doubling and the customer base increasing by around 80%.

This growth has led to additional challenges pertaining to spend control, expense management, and forecasting. Quantus needed to ensure that their clients’ needs were being met, while also accurately tracking and controlling the company’s spend.

In the initial, early phase of Quantus, senior management played a hands-on role in day-to-day administrative accounting tasks, including procurement, supplier relationships, account reconciliation, and so on.

As the company grew and an accounting team was brought on, management found it harder to track, manage and control spending. Although Quantus implemented a procurement system, they quickly outgrew the basic features and needed a more robust, scalable end-to-end system.

“With our growth came a lot of expenses and procurement challenges. I needed to address the velocity and timing of our spending, manage the number of employees requesting the spend, track and receive the items purchased, and find time to reconcile those transactions”

Daniel J. Quinlan

President – Quantus Inc

The easiest way To implement tighter Spend controls

“The tasks that I could formulate and delegate allowed me to free up time and work more strategically with leadership. Using ProcureDesk’s catalog feature, and the PO-matching feature, it’s auto-coding right into our invoices and saving me significant time in the day-to-day.”

Daniel J. Quinlan

President – Quantus Inc

A Scalable Cost Control System

After out-growing its initial procurement system, the Quantus team realized they needed something more robust, that supported their core requirements of:

  • Real-time, detailed spending analysis for budgeting and cost control
  • Integrated vendor catalogs and punch-outs with vendors like
  • Built-in QuickBooks integration to prevent redundant data entry

That’s when conversations between Quantus and ProcureDesk kicked off. Quantus implemented the system with ongoing support from the ProcureDesk team throughout the onboarding process.

Quick Implementation With Ongoing Support

ProcureDesk worked closely with the accounting team at Quantus to implement the system. The onboarding process went smoothly, with ProcureDesk integrating without issue into Quantus’ other systems, including its QuickBooks accounting software and with punch-outs for Amazon.

Seamless Adoption By Employees Who Embraced The System

Given that the Quantus accounting team had already used a procurement system in the past, the software was readily adopted and the team was comfortable using the system within weeks of implementation.

Streamlined Purchasing With Integrated Vendor Catalogs

One of the most important features for Quantus, and something that other procurement systems couldn’t deliver, was the integration of vendor catalogs into their system. This enabled the day-to-day operations personnel at Quantus, as well as department managers, and customer support agents, to place orders as needed, which were then appropriately categorized for budgeting and spend management purposes.


Controlled Spending, Streamlined Accounting, Significant Hours Saved

For Quantus, the ability to delegate out task-level accounting activities, while still maintaining oversight of spend control, has been invaluable. This enables Quantus management to focus on strategic planning, forecasting, and other high-level financial activities. Since switching to ProcureDesk, Quantus has enjoyed:

  • Much-improved spending control systems, forecasting, and budget analysis
  • End-to-end, consistent purchasing processes from approval to reconciliation
  • A significant reduction in hands-on hours spent on day-to-day financial tasks

Forecasting is another aspect where ProcureDesk has aided Quantus. Using ProcureDesk, Quantus can review their spend from a budgeting sense, and annually use this to forecast ahead. Quarterly, too, Quantus can track spend and ensure company targets are being met.

“Not only do I recommend ProcureDesk as a product, but as a company, it has been fantastic to work with. From the implementation to the ongoing support we receive, we couldn’t have asked for more.”

Daniel J. Quinlan

President – Quantus Inc

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