ProcureDesk Batch Integration to Support Legacy Systems

File-based integration for legacy systems

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ProcureDesk batch Integration

Enable Purchasing with Your Legacy Systems

Real-time integration is best to ensure that the data is readily available across all systems. But with some legacy systems that are not possible or it is cost-prohibitive to do a real-time integration. That is why we provide batch integration so that you can still send the data to your legacy systems.

Streamline procurement process with your legacy system


Simpler Interface for Employees

Just because you have a legacy system, doesn’t mean your employees can’t have a modern purchasing system. Provide a modern purchasing experience without upgrading your legacy system.


Improved Efficiency

Increase the efficiency of your purchasing and invoicing process by automating the document exchange with vendors and automating the PO and Invoice reconciliation process.


Reduced Headcount

By automating the tasks in your purchasing process (create and approve purchase orders), you can increase the efficiency of your existing staff without the need to increase headcount.

How does Batch integration work?


Setup the Format for Data Exchange

Whether it is CSV, text or any other format. We work with you to set up the data fields and format. Set up the frequency for data exchange between systems.

Create Transactions in ProcureDesk

Use ProcureDesk to create purchase orders, invoices. When the transaction is approved in ProcureDesk, the data is sent in batches to the legacy system.

Update Data Back to ProcureDesk

There might be cases where you need to update ProcureDesk. For example master data or the status of the invoice payments. Set the batch frequency and call ProcureDesk API’s to update the data.

Improve Your Purchasing Experience With ProcureDesk

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