ProcureDesk and Slack Integration

ProcureDesk Integrates with Slack

Link your Slack and ProcureDesk to improve Procurement efficiency.

With Slack integration, ProcureDesk is where you do most of your everyday work.


Get notified about approvals

Whether you are approving purchase orders or expenses, it is annoying to frequently check emails to see if you have a pending approval request.

By installing the Procuredesk app, you can get notified every time a new request is pending your approval.


Get all the information about the documents

No need to go search for the Purchase order, Invoice or Expense you need to approve, just click on the link and the system takes you to the approval screen. Review and approve in 2 clicks.


ProcureDesk app Installation

Go to your approvals page within ProcureDesk and click on the “Add to Slack” button to add the ProcureDesk app to your workspace. Install and you are ready to go.

See how leading companies are enhancing the value of Procurement by integrating Slack with ProcureDesk.

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