Spend less time approving purchase orders and invoices

Tighter Spend Control

Control your spending with an easy-to-use purchasing interface for your employees. ProcureDesk provides employees with an online shopping experience with the cost controls you need for your growing business.

Effortless 3-way match

Don’t spend 50+ hours a month matching invoices with purchase orders. Perform invoice matching and exception reconciliation instantly with an automated matching engine!

Enhanced Spend Visibility

Increase spend visibility across departments, users, and budgets. Quickly see who is spending, where, and with whom without pulling data from different spreadsheets.

How Much is a Manual Process Costing You?

A purchase cost anywhere between $60 and $500 based on the complexity of your business. For every PO you are losing at least $60!

How does it work?

Connect ProcureDesk with Sage Intacct

Quickly set up integration with Sage Intacct by authorizing ProcureDesk to connect with Sage Intacct. Integration setup takes minutes, not hours.

Import Master data

Instantly import master data from Sage Intacct- which includes suppliers, items, chart of accounts, locations, departments, etc. Import all the data you need to create a purchase order and invoice.

Create and Approve purchase orders in ProcureDesk

Use punchout catalogs to create purchase order requests easily. Purchase request gets routed for approvals using the inbuilt approval workflow engine. Quickly approve it using email, mobile app, or directly from the web application.

Import and match invoices in ProcureDesk

Automatically import invoices to ProcureDesk from your AP email box or let your suppliers submit invoices using the supplier portal or e-invoicing.
ProcureDesk matches the invoices with receipts and purchase orders. The stakeholder is informed in case of an error to resolve the issue. No more chasing employees to approve invoices.

Send Approved Bills to Sage Intacct.

After the invoice gets approved for payment, ProcureDesk automatically sends the invoice to Sage for payment. No more entering invoices in Sage Intacct.

Pay in Sage or any payment system

Pay invoices in Sage or use other payment platforms like Bill.com.

Update the payment status in ProcureDesk

Once the invoice gets paid, we automatically sync the payment status and mark the invoice as paid.

Struggle free purchasing

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