Easily connect ProcureDesk and Sage Intacct to make your purchasing and AP smoother

An easy-to-use purchasing tool that automates purchase approvals, invoice matching, and integrates with Sage Intacct.

Spend Less Time Approving Purchase Orders And Invoices

How Much Is A Manual Process Costing You?

A manual purchase order cost anywhere between $60 and $500 based on the complexity of your business. A manual invoice matching costs you up to $20 per invoice.

How It Works

Connect ProcureDesk to Sage Intacct

Integrate ProcureDesk with your Sage Intacct system to streamline your procurement and invoicing processes. This initial connection lays the foundation for a unified financial management experience, ensuring real-time data synchronization between ProcureDesk and Sage Intacct. By connecting these platforms, businesses can automate the flow of purchasing data, invoices, and vendor details directly into Sage Intacct, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Import Master Data

Instantly import master data from Sage Intacct- which includes suppliers, items, chart of accounts, locations, departments, etc. Import all the data you need to create a purchase order and invoice.

Create And Approve Purchase Orders In ProcureDesk

Use punchout catalogs to create purchase order requests easily. Purchase request gets routed for approvals using the inbuilt approval workflow engine. Quickly approve it using email, mobile app, or directly from the web application.

Import And Match Invoices In ProcureDesk

Automatically import invoices to ProcureDesk from your AP email box or let your suppliers submit invoices using the supplier portal or e-invoicing. ProcureDesk matches the invoices with receipts and purchase orders. The stakeholder is informed in case of an error to resolve the issue. No more chasing employees to approve invoices.

Send Approved Bills To Sage Intacct.

After the invoice gets approved for payment, ProcureDesk automatically sends the invoice to Sage for payment. No more entering invoices in Sage Intacct.

Pay In Sage Or Any Payment System

Pay invoices in Sage or use other payment platforms like Bill.com.

Update The Payment Status In ProcureDesk

Once the invoice gets paid, we automatically sync the payment status and mark the invoice as paid.

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Common Questions

This integration streamlines your procurement and invoicing processes by automating data entry, improving financial accuracy, and providing real-time visibility into your spending. It simplifies workflows, reduces manual errors, and enhances decision-making capabilities.

Yes, the integration uses secure, encrypted connections to ensure your financial data is safely transferred between ProcureDesk and Sage Intacct. We prioritize data security and compliance to protect your information at all times.

Absolutely. The integration offers customizable settings that allow you to map your accounts, vendors, and expense types according to your company's requirements, ensuring a tailored fit for your financial management processes.

Starting is easy! First, ensure you have active accounts on both ProcureDesk and Sage Intacct. Then, follow the integration steps on our website to connect and configure your systems.Our support team is available to guide you through the process.

No, the integration is designed to enhance and automate your existing financial processes without disruption. It simplifies the procurement and invoicing workflows, seamlessly fitting into your current operations to improve efficiency and accuracy.