Improved Purchasing With ProcureDesk & QuickBooks Enterprise

A robust web-based purchasing process integrated with QuickBooks
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Is your QuickBooks Enterprise Purchasing Process Scalable?

If you are creating a Purchase order manually in QuickBooks Enterprise, You would agree that the process doesn’t scale. You can’t install QuickBooks on everyone's machine and you can't scale a manual process. ProcureDesk integrated with QuickBooks Enterprise provides you with a seamless web-based purchasing experience without the need to open up QuickBooks Enterprise access to all employees.

A Seamless, Effective Purchasing Process


Simple Interface for Employees

No more Spreadsheets for orders! Let your employees experience the joy of an intuitive purchasing process similar to e-commerce sites.


Automated Approvals

Automated approval process to support your compliance needs. configurable based on amount, category, department. Approve anywhere, Email, web app or mobile app.


Automated PO and Bill Creation

No need to manually sync data between systems.PO and Bills are automatically synced up with QuickBooks Enterprise based on the scheduled frequency.

What is a Manual Process Costing You?


Lost Efficiency

A purchase cost anywhere between $60 and $500 based on the complexity of your business. For every PO you are loosing at least $60!

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Lack of Cashflow Visibility

You don’t have cashflow visibility because you can’t accrue expenses. You only come to know about expenses when the vendor bill shows up!

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Increased Headcount Cost

Current resources are not able to support the increased transactions as a result of growth and you have to add headcount to manage workload!

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ProcureDesk and QuickBooks Enterprise Integration process

ProcureDesk seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks Enterprise and provide an easy to use the system for your employees.


Create orders and Bills in ProcureDesk

Create purchase orders in minutes from catalogs and punch-outs. Save time and money. Automatic submission of Bills from vendors through email, EDI, supplier portal and much more.

Approve documents in ProcureDesk

Automatically route orders for approvals based on categories, amount or other business rules. Approve anywhere using our mobile app or using your favorite email client.

Reconcile documents in ProcureDesk

ProcureDesk automatically reconciles the Purchase orders and Bills to identify any discrepancies. The document is then automatically routed by ProcureDesk to the authorized people for review.

Automatically send Orders/Bills to QuickBooks

Once the order and Bills are approved, it is available in QuickBooks Enterprise for you to pay. Install our web connector and schedule the import process.

Curious how we can supercharge your QuickBooks Enterprise purchasing process?

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