Procure to Pay process optimization- Finding the hidden cash [The Complete Guide]

Procure to pay process could be complex but a well-optimized procure to pay process could also be a source of cost savings. If you agree that the optimized procure to pay process could be a source of cash, then that is great – this guide will walk you through a step by step process on […]

Building a business case for procurement and invoicing automation [Template Included]

The business case for procure to pay automation Procurement and Accounts payable automation has many benefits including productivity improvement, process cost reduction and so on. However, Like any other investments, companies need to justify the investments to the finance team for such an initiative. In this post, we will cover the key benefits of purchasing […]

Procure to Pay / Purchasing system use cases

Are you tasked with selecting a new purchasing system or procure to pay system for your organization? Then the obvious question to consider is – What are the different use cases for Procure to Pay / Purchasing system and what makes sense for your organization. You might be in  IT and tasked by CFO to […]

Procurement System Integration Use Cases

Are you planning to invest in a procurement or procure to pay system? Then the procurement system integration considerations should be on top of your requirements list along with other functional and critical requirements like the ease of use. We agree that it is the responsibility of IT to help with integration but Procurement should […]