Simplify Billing for One-Time Orders

ProcureDesk integrates with Zuora so that you can bill your customers from one system.

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ProcureDesk and Zuora

Are you billing all Invoices through Zuora?

If you are using Zuora for subscription billing, chances are that you are billing one-time orders through a different system. With ProcureDesk & Zuroa integration, we simplify the order to cash cycle so that you can bill your customers from one single billing system

ProcureDesk becomes your single place to get the customer quotes approved, order items from suppliers and then automatically create that order and Invoice in Zuora.

A Simple, Effective Quote to Cash Process.


Bill Customers on Time

Once the one-time purchase orders are placed in ProcureDesk, ProcureDesk creates a one-time invoice for your customer.



Send Accurate Invoices

Manually processing of bills across multiple systems is error-prone, especially when the ordering is done in a different system. With the integration, the data is sent seamlessly and accurately.


Simplify Quote to Cash Cycle

Use ProcureDesk for Quote to Invoice, enabling a seamless end to end process. After the order is placed and the product is delivered, the Invoice is automatically created in Zuora.

What is the cost of not centralizing billing through Zuora?


Lost Revenue

If you are processing one-time order manually or you have a separate process, chances are that some invoices might be under billed because of the lack of accurate information. That is straight hit to EBITDA

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Delayed Customer Payments

The math is simple here, the more delayed the invoices, the more delayed the payments. Customer payment terms start from the time you issue the invoice, so the sooner, the better.

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Lost Productivity

How much time are you spending in manually creating Invoices for one time orders? How much time it is costing you during the month-end close process? That productivity loss can be easily offset by automation.

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ProcureDesk and Zuora Integration process

Use Zuora for all your customer billing without the need to manually create subscriptions for one time purchases.


Create one-time orders in ProcureDesk

Use the ProcureDesk purchase order system to purchase products to fulfill customer orders. For example hardware items. The system automates all the compliance checks for you through an approval workflow process.

Bill customers through Zuora

Once the order is created, a nonrenewing subscription and Invoice is created in Zuora. The invoice is automatically sent to the customer and you can in fact automate the payment process too.

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