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10 Best Procurement Software in 2024 (Options for All Biz Sizes)

  • By ProcureDesk
  • May 30,2024
  • 10 min read

10 Best Procurement Software in 2024 (Options for All Biz Sizes)

10 Best Procurement Software (Options for All Biz Sizes)

High-quality procurement software should let you simplify the shopping process and support supplier relationships in a few ways:

  • You should be able to create a cohesive catalog of all vendors you partner with so employees organization-wide can shop with them at their leisure.
  • On that note — it should support a large number of vendor integrations and provide punchout catalogs. (Ideally, you should be able to add unlimited vendors without being charged per catalog.)
  • It should automate purchasing processes like approvals, request routing, and receipt management to save time on repetitive tasks.
  • It should offer vendor portals to manage those communications; provide status updates about orders, negotiate contracts, and store and manage contracts.
  • It should provide spend analysis and other reporting tools to understand user shopping habits and pinpoint the best cost savings opportunities. These insights can help you renegotiate existing contracts or identify new vendor partnerships.

There are dozens of procurement software solutions available, but choosing the right one depends on your business size, current procurement processes and partners, and long-term goals (and how software can support that growth).

We put together this guide with top-rated procurement software by business size so you can compare top options and find what’s right for you.

Our guide includes:

  • ProcureDesk — Our procure-to-pay solution with packages and features to support teams at various growth stages.

ProcureDesk: Customizable, Scalable Procurement Software for Small & Growing Teams

ProcureDesk homepage: Finally, Get The Perfect Procurement System — Built for Your Team

ProcureDesk offers a complete procure-to-pay system — with features to automate and support both procurement processes and accounts payable workflows.

Our system checks the above-mentioned boxes by:

  • Allowing you to create a controlled, convenient shopping environment for employees. Choose vendors, set proactive spend controls, and establish purchasing rules.
  • Automatically approving, denying, or routing purchases based on the rules you set above.
  • Integrating with over 150+ vendor websites and offering punchout catalogs with big-name sites like Amazon. You can connect with as many sites as you wish without extra fees.
  • Allowing you to manage unlimited vendor contracts.
  • Providing real-time budget tracking and a suite of out-of-box spend reports to guide your procurement strategies.

You can choose between our procurement software or the full P2P package — our team guides onboarding and training in either plan, helping you to add vendors and design purchase approval flows (and we show you how to adjust settings as you go).

You can always upgrade between plans, and we offer custom enterprise packages for larger teams with more complex workflows or specialized requirements. Our system is highly customizable and scalable to support you as purchase volume increases and you work with new vendors.

We’ll briefly review our core features below, but you can also schedule a free personalized demo of our solution.

Add Approved Vendor Catalogs

ProcureDesk integrates with hundreds of vendor sites to build your dashboard with all of the suppliers you partner with and add popular sites like Amazon, Costco, and Office Depot. You can modify this catalog at any time and connect unlimited vendor sites.

Supplier Catalogs

The shopping process is familiar for employees: vendor sites load directly in the ProcureDesk platform, then employees can browse products, build their shopping carts, and submit carts for approval.

Our system can even learn the leading vendors employees shop with and recommend them at the top of the dashboard.

Budgets & Spend Management

ProcureDesk lets you control employee spending in several ways. Our granular budget controls let you limit spending by vendor, product category, department, individual, project, and more. (We help you set these during onboarding.)

Budget Attributes

Budgets update in real-time as users make purchases, so procurement managers and employees can see available funds.

Budget Usage Summary

We provide budget breakdowns and reports on monthly spending so you can view spending patterns (more on this below).

Monthly Budget Detail

Our system reviews all employee orders before they’re approved or routed to a procurement team member, so it can automatically deny any orders that exceed budgets. It’ll also send a notification to the purchaser on why the order was denied so they can replace the order when budgets open again.

Design Purchase Request Forms & Approval Trees

ProcureDesk can automate the purchase approval flow with request forms and approval trees.

During onboarding, you create request forms (for different vendors, types of purchases, departments, etc.) to gather any necessary information about orders. These forms automatically populate when users submit carts so they know what information to provide for procurement managers so orders can be quickly approved.

Order Header and Shipping Details

You simply design approval flows (for different vendors, types of purchases, departments, etc.) and our system automatically:

  • Approves orders that meet purchasing criteria.
  • Denies orders that exceed budget or go against purchasing rules.
  • Routes orders to the right procurement team member(s) for a final look.
Supplier Approval Workflow

Our system notifies purchasers of order status as orders are approved or denied.

The Shopping & Purchase Approval Workflow

Here’s what the shopping and approval process looks like for end users:

  • Employees (or anyone you grant access to) can log into ProcureDesk with their unique credentials, and we use SSO to authenticate users.
  • Users can see all vendors and available budgets and choose who to shop with.
  • They can build shopping carts, submit carts for review, and complete purchase request forms.
  • Our system automatically approves, denies, or routes the order for review — sending status updates to the purchaser during the process.
  • Procurement team members are also notified of purchases that require their attention. We provide omnichannel approval tools so managers can review and approve purchases from the main dashboard, mobile apps, email, or Slack.
  • The system automatically converts approved purchase requests into purchase orders (POs) and routes them to the vendor, so managers don’t have to complete this last step manually.
  • All users — purchasers and managers — can see active POs in the dashboard, view current orders and spending, and monitor order status.
Purchase Order example

Vendor Management

Our platform provides two different vendor management tools.

First, you can see all purchases broken down by supplier:

Supplier portal: Supplier quotes

Vendor acknowledgements are available by default — suppliers can access ProcureDesk to see active POs, then they can respond to POs to provide updates on orders. Vendors can work with procurement managers if they can’t fulfill orders or expect orders to be delayed, then, they can update POs with expected ship dates and tracking numbers.

Purchasers also receive status updates to know when orders are expected to arrive.


We also offer an add-on module, Vendor Contracts, to manage contracts and renewals.

You can:

  • Create or modify vendor contracts and submit them for approval.
  • See spend by contract.
  • Receive notifications about contract renewals so you can renegotiate terms or opt out of unwanted contracts.

Receipt Management

Our system also helps to automate receipt management by prompting employees to upload these after they receive items (and sending email reminders if they forget).

It’s easy to verify purchases or note order issues with ProcureDesk.

Employees can take a picture of and upload their purchase receipt. Then, they can confirm the quantity and note the order condition. Here is where they could report mismatched quantities or damaged goods; then procurement or AP teams can use this to resolve order issues before sending payment.


Spend Analytics & Reporting

Our dashboard provides real-time visibility into employee spending, but we also provide an array of reports to analyze spend data and discover the best opportunities to shave costs.

Spend Dashboard

For example, you can see which vendors you spend the most with to negotiate (or renegotiate) lower rates on commonly purchased products or longer payment terms.

This data can also tell you more about budget requirements so you can properly allocate funds to prevent overspending (or teams going without) and course-correct any unnecessary spending.

These features are all available in our procurement software package to support the full purchasing lifecycle — from order to receipt.

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ProcureDesk’s AP Automation Suite

Now, as mentioned earlier, ProcureDesk is an all-in-one P2P solution. We also offer a suite of tools to support accounts payable processes and streamline the invoice approval workflow — so you can manage purchases all the way through payment.

Here’s a quick look at how it works:

  • Centralize the invoice capture process. Vendors can drop invoices in vendor portals or share them via e-invoicing. We also integrate with email accounts, and users can upload paper invoices. Then, all invoices are managed from a single hub.
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) technology scans invoices to extract important data like headers, line items, and invoice numbers.
  • Three-way matching technology sources the corresponding PO and receipt to reconcile invoices automatically.
  • Invoices with discrepancies (i.e., receipts noting issues or if the system can’t match the invoice to an existing order) are routed to the right AP team member(s) for troubleshooting.
  • Verified invoices can be auto-approved and routed to your accounting or ERP system for final payment. Alternatively, you can route invoices to the AP team for a final look before pushing them for payment.
  • AP teams pay vendors, and invoice status is updated in ProcureDesk to avoid duplicate work.
Invoice Paid Status

ProcureDesk integrates with popular accounting software, such as QuickBooks, NetSuite, Xero, Sage, Oracle, and more. We also connect with popular sites like Bill.com and AvidXchange.

You can also read more about AP automation tools in the guides below:

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  • Packages & Getting Started

    We offer two packages and custom plans for enterprise teams:

    • Our procurement package is available at $518/month.
    • Our full P2P package is available at $850/month.

    Both packages include ten user seats, white-glove onboarding, and a dedicated support rep to help when needed.

    We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try ProcureDesk risk-free.

    Procurement Software Solutions for Small Businesses

    In addition to ProcureDesk, small businesses also favor Spendwise, Tradogram, and Tipalti’s procurement software.


    Spendwise homepage: Spend Management Software

    Spendwise is a simplistic online procurement solution offering spend management and (a few) features to support the AP process. We suggest Spendwise for small teams because:

    • The platform is reportedly easy to use, and its features are intuitive.
    • It automates many manual processes, like purchase approvals.
    • They offer affordable packages.

    However, available catalogs, reporting features, and integrations with accounting software are limited, so larger teams may find this option insufficient.


    • Purchase order management
    • Basic supplier management
    • Budgets & approvals
    • Spend management
    • Bills & expenses (to manage, match, and pay supplier invoices)
    • Receiving (to receive on goods & services after delivery)
    • User permissions


    Spendwise offers:

    • A Basic plan for $9/user/month — this plan includes purchasing, receiving, invoice matching, and reports. It limits you to five users and ten monthly transactions.
    • The Pro package for $19/user/month — this plan includes all Spendwise features and supports unlimited transactions. Spendwise also offers add-ons for this plan (inventory management, Amazon integrations, accounting integrations, and guided onboarding). This package requires a minimum of five users but limits you to 50 seats.
    • Custom enterprise plans (request a quote) for teams with over 50 members.


    Tradogram homepage: A better way for procurement management

    Tradogram is another affordable procurement system for smaller teams. This platform includes tools to control purchasing, automate procurement processes, analyze spending, and manage vendor contracts, as well as AP automation tools.

    Small teams may find Tradogram appealing because it offers a free package that supports unlimited vendor catalogs and includes many key procurement tools. However, this package limits you to five monthly transactions, so it only works for small teams with very (very) low purchasing volume.

    Many small businesses opt into the paid package ($168/month) because it supports unlimited transactions and provides access to all Tradogram’s features.

    However, Tradogram may be tricky to learn and use; they provide one-on-one training options, but users note that the platform takes a while to grasp. They also say Tradogram packs a lot of unnecessary features in that platform that can be confusing to work around. So you may sacrifice ease of use for the lower cost here.


    • Custom catalogs
    • Punchout catalogs
    • Unlimited number of suppliers & catalogs
    • Purchase requisition management
    • Purchase order management
    • Budgeting & spend management
    • Approval routing
    • Vendor management
    • Project management
    • Inventory management
    • Expense management
    • AP tools (e.g., invoice tracking, two- and three-way invoice matching, and integrations with accounting software)
    • Reporting dashboard


    Tradogram offers a free plan, an upgraded paid package, and custom enterprise plans.

    The free plan lets you connect unlimited vendor catalogs and grants access to basic purchasing and AP tools, like purchase order management and invoice matching. However, it lacks important tools, like purchase requisition management, and limits users to five monthly transactions.

    Tradogram’s paid plan is $168/month — it includes more advanced procurement features, like PR management and approval routing, and supports unlimited transactions.

    Tipalti Procurement

    Tipalti Procurement homepage: Gain Visibility and Bring Spend Under Control

    Tipalti Procurement is a good option for small (even growing) teams because it offers a user-friendly, budget-friendly platform that supports the entire procurement process and includes AP automation tools.

    The dashboard and features have a modern look and feel, with little to no learning curve. You can create a controlled shopping environment, streamline the PR intake process, and automate purchase approvals. They also provide real-time budget monitoring, spend management, and analytics tools to support spend control and help teams negotiate vendor contracts.

    Tipalti also offers scalable packages to support growing teams and enterprises.


    • Purchase request management
    • PO approval workflows
    • PO management
    • Supplier management
    • Contract management
    • Advanced reporting dashboard to support spend analysis
    • Integrations with accounting software & other business applications


    You have to choose Tipalti’s Elite plan to access their procurement management software — they do not disclose pricing on their website for this plan, so users must contact them for a custom quote.

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    Procurement Software Solutions for Growing Teams

    Precoro, Procurement Express, and Procurify have more suitable packages for growing teams.


    Precoro homepage: Precoro helps companies spend smarter

    Precoro is a user-friendly P2P platform for small to medium-sized businesses. Its vast feature set supports purchase requisitions, approvals, budgeting, and AP workflows.

    Precoro integrates with numerous vendor sites and automates the purchasing process to save procurement teams and purchasers time. They also provide a reporting dashboard to report on employee spending and identify savings opportunities. (Notably, Precoro includes multi-currency features to support global or multi-loc teams.)

    All Precoro users can access the full suite of procurement and AP automation tools — you choose your package by team size.


    • Supplier catalogs
    • Purchase requisition management
    • Approval workflows
    • Purchase order management
    • Spend management
    • Supplier management
    • Inventory management
    • Reporting dashboard
    • AP automation tools:
      • PO, invoice & receipt management
      • Three-way invoice matching
      • Integration with Netsuite accounting system


    Precoro’s procurement software starts at $249/month, and the full P2P solution is $999/month (billed annually). They also offer custom enterprise packages.

    Procurement Express

    ProcurementExpress.com homepage: Take the hassle out of company purchasing. Finally.

    Procurement Express is another popular procurement platform for growing teams because it offers:

    • A full P2P toolset and packages to support teams at various growth stages.
    • Strong catalog features and punchout catalogs with common sites.
    • Multi-brand and multi-currency features to support multi-loc or international teams.
    • Automation of essential processes through purchasing and invoice reconciliation.
    • Real-time budget-tracking, spend management, and spend analysis reporting.

    Procurement Express receives positive reviews for its ease of use, though some users say it lacks flexibility when setting up approval flows, and certain AP functions, like the invoice scanning function, are imperfect.


    • Custom purchase requisition forms
    • Purchase request management
    • Punchout & custom catalogs
    • RFQ/RFP features (to request quotes from suppliers)
    • Approval workflows
    • Budget tracking
    • Vendor management
    • Reporting dashboard
    • Mobile apps
    • AP automation tools:
      • Invoice scanning
      • Three-way invoice matching
      • Integrations with accounting systems


    Procurement Express offers:

    • A Basic plan for $365/month — this includes basic features to create vendor catalogs and manage POs, it also includes a few AP automation tools. This plan limits you to $10K in monthly spend.
    • A Better plan for $730/month — this gives you access to more advanced procurement features (like punchout catalogs) and integrations with accounting systems. This plan supports up to $1M in monthly spend.
    • The Best plan for $1825/month, which unlocks all Procurement Express features and punchout catalogs. This plan supports up to five companies and $10 million in monthly spend, and it also comes with guided onboarding.
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    Procurify homepage: Control Spend. Save Money.

    Procurify is a spend management solution for mid-sized businesses, with features for purchase requests, approvals, and expense tracking. It differentiates itself from other options in our list by offering virtual spend cards for employees (so if this interests you, you may consider Procurify).

    Overall, Procurify lets you create a controlled shopping flow, manage vendor relationships and contracts, control spending, and support AP workflows. The platform has a modern interface with user-friendly, intuitive features, and users say it’s fairly easy to get started.

    The only barrier to entry is pricing — which is why we recommend this option for larger teams. Procurify no longer displays pricing on its site, but packages were previously marked at $1k/month for small teams and $2k/month for growing teams.


    • Virtual cards (with spend limits)
    • Catalog management
    • Purchase requisition management
    • Purchase order management
    • Budget tracking
    • Spend management
    • Reporting dashboard
    • Mobile apps
    • AP automation tools:
      • Receipt management
      • Three-way invoice matching
      • Reimbursement management
      • Integrations with ERPs, accounting systems & project management platforms


    Procurify now offers custom quotes on a per-customer basis.

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    Procurement Software Solutions for Enterprises

    Coupa, Jaggaer, and SAP are all popular for enterprises because they offer procurement software solutions and consulting to improve supplier sourcing and guide other business processes.


    Coupa homepage: Smarter business buying decisions start here

    Coupa is a comprehensive source-to-pay suite offering spend analysis, contract management, supplier collaboration, supply chain management, virtual spend cards, and more. They have experience with global household names like Nestle, Uber, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, the American Red Cross, and more.

    Not only does their platform let you automate key procurement processes and work with unlimited vendors, but they also offer guidance on managing supplier contracts. The Coupa team can help you review current contracts, analyze spending, and identify ways to increase margins. (The platform also includes AI-powered features to review spend data and provide insights for procurement strategies.)

    Coupa may require longer onboarding times, but they offer training and guided set-up to support adoption.


    • Purchase order software
    • Purchase requisition
    • Tools to collaborate on POs
    • Open Buy
    • Budgeting
    • Purchasing fraud detection with spend guard
    • SOW-based spend management
    • Supplier management
    • Contract management
    • Inventory management
    • Reporting dashboard
    • Mobile apps
    • AP automation tools (e.g., two- and three-way invoice matching and ERP integrations)


    Coupa offers custom quotes on a per-customer basis.

    Read more: Best Coupa Procurement Alternatives


    Jaggaer homepage: The REVolution Begins With You - Unleash AI for Procurement Excellence

    Jaggaer specializes in direct procurement, with modules to support strategic sourcing, supply chain resilience, ESG compliance, and supplier performance. They also offer consulting services to guide sourcing and procurement processes.

    This P2P platform uses AI and automation to support purchasing and approval flows, control spending, and provide summaries of key reports; procurement teams can operate more efficiently and easily identify opportunities to optimize savings.

    Jaggaer integrates with countless supplier sites, offers flexible set-up options, and is highly scalable — and their team guides onboarding to help you get started without challenges.


    • eProcurement
    • Strategic sourcing
    • Supplier network
    • Supplier management
    • Contract management
    • Supply chain management
    • Inventory management
    • Reporting & spend analytics
    • AP automation tools:
      • Global e-invoice compliance
      • Invoice digital capture
      • Integrations with ERPs & accounting software solutions


    Like Coupa, Jaggaer offers custom quotes on a per-customer basis.

    SAP Ariba

    SAP Spend Management: Automate spending processes and actively manage

    The last option on our list, SAP, is a cloud-based platform that covers the entire procurement cycle and has strong integration capabilities. Their team can help set up integrations with accounting software and other business applications to support more holistic spend management — you can see all company costs and control spending in various ways.

    The platform features let you manage direct and indirect spending, implement proactive spend and purchasing rules, and automate procurement processes to save time for all stakeholders. It also includes a robust reporting toolset to support spend analysis. You can identify the best suppliers to partner with, stay on top of contracts and cost savings opportunities, and make smarter spend decisions.

    SAP also offers consulting services to guide spend analysis and procurement teams’ decision-making. They can also help during onboarding and set-up to ensure the platform is configured to your requirements and you understand the ins and outs.


    • Streamlined buying & invoicing
    • Strategic sourcing
    • Supplier management
    • Budget management
    • Contract lifecycle management
    • Supply chain collaboration
    • Expense management
    • Reporting
    • Compliance assurance
    • Integrations with business applications
    • AP automation tools (e.g., centralized invoice processing & invoice management)


    SAP does not share pricing on their site; you must contact them for a custom quote.

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    Book a personalized demo of ProcureDesk learn more about our procurement management tools and how our platform supports vendor relationships to help you lower costs and optimize spend.
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