7 Best Purchase Order Software For QuickBooks In 2024 [In-Depth Review]

    best purchase order software for quickbooks

    by ProcureDeskLast Updated : Jan-14-2024

    If you are using QuickBooks and looking to implement a purchase order process, there are multiple factors to consider while selecting a solution that works with QuickBooks. The most common factors are integration support, a strong approval workflow engine, and ease of use.

    If you create very few purchase orders in a month, you can use native QuickBooks capabilities. Still, if you need better cost controls and purchase approvals, you need a different purchase order solution that integrates with QuickBooks.

    In this article, we present 7 purchase order software options for you to consider while selecting the best purchase order software for QuickBooks.

    We only present options that integrate with both QuickBooks Online or Enterprise/Desktop versions and provide powerful features to help streamline your purchasing process and implement a  purchase order process that scales with your operations.

    This article will discuss some of the best purchase order management software for QuickBooks and how they can help you manage your purchasing operations more efficiently.

    We will start with our software ProcureDesk in detail, followed by 6 other options.

    What Is The Best Purchase Order Software For Quickbooks?

    1. ProcureDesk – Best for small to medium-sized companies that need punchout catalogs.

    2. QuickBooks – Best for small companies that don’t need an approval process.

    3. Procurify – Best for medium-sized companies.

    4. Kissflow – Best for companies that need a generic workflow tool.

    5. Precoro – Best for small companies that need a simple system without strong punchout capabilities.

    6. Procurement Express – Best for project-based spending.

    7. Tradogram – Best for companies looking for a free option.


    Price: Starts at $380/month for 10 users

    Integration supported: QuickBooks Online and Desktop

    ProcureDesk is a powerful cloud-based solution that provides an integrated purchasing and invoicing solution that works with QuickBooks.

    Best For Companies looking for a robust solution that integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Enterprise.

    ProcureDesk provides a flexible workflow engine and punchout catalog support, enabling seamless purchasing for your employees. Get it if you want an easy-to-use purchase order solution without the inbuilt payment solution.

    I recommend scheduling a demo to see if ProcureDesk is a good fit for you. We have a team of experts who can walk you through how it works. Click here to see it in action

    Notable Features:

    Purchase Requisitions

    With purchase requisitions, you can provide an easy way for your employees to request products or services they need to support the business.

    You can configure ProcureDesk to capture all information that a manager would need to review and approve the purchase request.

    Here is an example of a purchase requisition screen:

    Vendor Catalogs

    There is no point in implementing a purchase order software, and still, have your employees enter the description and details about what they want to purchase.

    You just moved them to a pretty purchase requisition form, but that doesn’t decrease the time it takes to create a purchase requisition.

    With catalogs, you can significantly reduce the time spent creating purchase requisitions.

    It also reduces errors in the purchase requisition and avoids back and forth on the purchase orders.

    With punch-outs, you can directly link the requisition process to the vendor punch-out, enabling faster requisition processing.

    Click here to read more about punch-out catalogs.

    Purchase Approvals With a flexible workflow engine, you can route your request for approval to the right stakeholders.

    The flexible workflow engine supports approvals based on departments, dollar amounts, budget owners, etc. This streamlines and automates your purchase approval workflow.

    See how easily you can streamline the purchasing process with approvals.

    Click here to schedule a demo.

    Purchase Orders

    Digital purchase order functionality completely automates the purchase order creation and dispatch process. The system automatically assigns a purchase order number, or you can set up custom PO numbers. There are multiple templates to choose from so you can fully customize the look and feel of the purchase order, including the company logo.

    ProcureDesk can send the purchase order in the format that works for your suppliers.

    For example, email the purchase order to the supplier or send the purchase order electronically via cXMl or EDI.

    Example of a purchase order:


    Order Tracking

    After placing the order with the vendor, you want to track the orders and mark them received when the vendor delivers the product.

    ProcureDesk order tracking, you can track the purchase order lifecycle. We have inbuilt order tracking to allow you to track your orders across multiple carriers like UPS, USPS, FedEx, and so on.

    With budgets, you can appro


    You don’t have to worry about going over budget or whether you have the budget in the first place. With ProcureDesk, the budget management capability is fully baked into your procurement process.

    With budget tracking, the system automatically shows you budget consumption to track your spending effectively. With built-in budget controls, you can enable budget checks when creating a purchase requisition or purchase order.


    Track your spending and cash flow with inbuilt reports and dashboards. With Dashboard, you get a single view of spending across multiple companies.

    Whether you want to track spending by the supplier or department, Dashboards provide easy access to your Spend data without running reports in your accounting system.



    With the vendor invoice module, you don’t have to worry about uploading invoices into the system, matching them with purchase orders and receipts, and following up with different stakeholders for approvals.

    With Invoicing:

    • The system can import supplier invoices from different sources.
    • Match the invoices with the purchase orders.
    • Identify any discrepancies and inform stakeholders about what they need to do.


    With OCR (Optical Character Reader), the system can read the invoice document and automatically create the invoice.

    You don’t have to worry about copy-pasting the data from the invoice into the system, and with automated matching, it can quickly identify the invoice lines on the Bill.

    Supplier Portal

    The supplier portal provides a self-service mechanism for the suppliers to submit their invoices against a specific purchase order.

    It makes it easy for suppliers to submit invoices and makes it easy for them to track the status of their payments.

    You benefit from not entering the supplier invoices, and suppliers get better visibility.

    Expense Management

    With expense management, you can reduce the time spent on entering and processing expense reports.

    With expense management:

    • The system automatically creates the expenses by downloading transactions from the credit card provider.
    • Users can easily take pictures from their mobile phones and attach receipts.
    • Managers can quickly review the expense before the Accounts payable team processes it.

    Inventory Management

    Inventory management helps you track the inventory of consumables and other products.

    With inventory management:

    • You can manage all the inventory in one single place.
    • You can easily track where the inventory is used and associate it with different projects.
    • Avoid inventory stock-outs by tracking on-hand levels and reorder levels.


    ProcureDesk offers three pricing plans:

    • The purchase order module starts at $380 and covers 10 users.
    • The base plan covers all the core features for purchasing automation, including requisition, purchase orders, receipts, and order tracking, while leveraging purchasing automation.
    • Annual subscriptions provide a 20% discount on all plans. All plans come with a 14-day free trial.

    See how ProcureDesk can help you streamline purchasing. See it in action today!


    Price: Starts at $30/month

    QuickBooks provides a complete accounting package for small companies.QuickBooks purchase order software helps businesses streamline their purchasing process. The purchase order software allows users to create and track orders, view supplier information and set up automated reminders for payment due dates.

    QuickBooks provides a simple interface for purchase order creation. It provides an out-of-the-box purchase order document template that you can use for issuing purchase orders to vendors.

    There is no approval workflow for routing the request for the purchase for approvals. The approvals need to be managed outside the QuickBooks purchase order process.

    QuickBooks is ideal for companies starting with the purchase order process and not needing approvals.

    Notable Features

    As mentioned above, if you are a small operation and create less than ten purchase orders a month, you probably don’t need purchase order software.

    You very well can use QuickBooks capabilities to create and generate purchase orders.

    QuickBooks Online and Enterprise have reasonably good capabilities for creating a purchase order. The same is true for QuickBooks Desktop.

    You can create a purchase order from the item list (if you maintain one), or you can enter the description of what you are purchasing.

    1. Create A Purchase Order

    Here is an example of a QuickBooks Online purchase order screen:


    There is no purchase order approval workflow in QuickBooks, but with a low volume, the purchase approvals can be managed outside the QuickBooks system.

    2. Convert A Purchase Order Into A Bill

    Supplier invoices are called Bills in QuickBooks, while we might refer to them as supplier invoices.

    You can convert a purchase order into a Bill or create a Bill without a purchase order with the built-in capabilities.

    Here is an example of a bill or vendor invoice in QuickBooks Online:

    Bills in QuickBooks

    The challenge with QuickBooks is that it has a limited set of controls.

    For example, if you want to allow access to Purchase order functionality, that is impossible.

    Controllers don’t want to risk someone messing up with a chart of accounts. They also don’t want costs booked to the wrong account.

    If you have a small operation, here is what we recommend.

    • You can set up a manual requisition process for employees to create requisitions.
    • You also need a process for the purchase requisition approval.
    • After the purchase requisition is approved, have a purchase order document issued from QuickBooks.
    • Have a single person responsible for entering the purchase order so that you don’t have control issues.

    The manual process can be effective if you deal with a low purchase order volume.

    Here are some areas where the above solution is not going to work.

    • You need better purchasing controls for compliance.
    • You are creating 10+ purchase orders every month. As the volume increase, it isn’t easy to scale the manual process.
    • You want to make it easy for users to create requisitions but not to clutter the item master in QuickBooks with non-inventory items.
    • You want to have custom fields on the purchase order document.
    • You want the functionality to match invoices with purchase orders automatically.

    Stop spending hours approving, creating and tracking purchase orders. Click here to schedule a demo with one of product specialist and see a better way to manage your purchasing.


    Here is an overview of the different packages:

    1. QuickBooks offers affordable packages starting at $30/month for a single user.
    2. The base plan covers the expenses and purchase orders module. If you need Bills, then you need to upgrade to the next plan.



    Price: Procurify pricing starts at $1000/month.

    Integration supported: QuickBooks Online and Desktop

    Procurify offers end-to-end Spend management software with purchasing and invoicing capabilities. Procurify claims its software to be intuitive and straightforward. With Procurify, businesses can easily create and track purchase orders, manage supplier relationships, and ensure compliance with company policies

    Procurify offers an end-to-end Spend management tool, which includes payment using virtual cards. There is limited support for punchout catalogs. It is missing extensive coverage of punchout suppliers.

    The tool is best for medium-sized companies that are looking for robust generic purpose purchase order software to automate the purchasing process.

    Notable Features

    1. Purchase requisition: Forms to capture and keep track of purchase requests
    2. Purchase approvals: Ability to route the approvals
    3. Purchase orders: Issue PO’s and generate orders automatically
    4. Reporting: for reporting on spending data
    5. Vendor management: for tracking supplier data
    6. Invoicing: Invoice approvals and three-way matching
    7. Expense management: for expense reporting and tracking
    8. Budget management: real-time budget tracking.


    Here is an overview of different Procurify pricing packages:

    • Procurify pricing is based on the company size and company requirements.
    • The above pricing is for an annual plan.



    Price: Starts at $2499/month

    Integration supported: QuickBooks Online and Desktop


    Kissflow offers a simple, optimal, and efficient platform to manage and track your work.

    Kissflow is a digital platform that has many solutions. Their Procurement product is part of the digital platform.

    Kissflow is known for its low-code platform that can be customized for any business process. If you are looking for a fully customizable solution, this is the best option.

    Even though the tool offers flexibility, it needs to be supported by someone in your organization. So, consider the additional resource requirements to manage the tool. There is limited support for punchouts, making the purchasing process very manual.

    If you are looking for a generic purpose workflow tool that can not only support procurement but any other business process, then Kissflow is the best choice for you.

    Notable Features

    Here are the key features regarding purchase order and invoicing capabilities

    1. Purchase requisition: Forms to capture and keep track of purchase requests
    2. Purchase approvals: Ability to route the approvals
    3. Purchase orders: Issue PO’s and generate orders automatically
    4. Reporting: for reporting on purchasing data
    5. Vendor management: for tracking supplier data
    6. Invoicing: Invoice approvals and 3 way matching
    7. Contract management: Ability to support contract approvals and contract repository.


    Kissflow starters at $2,499/month are billed annually.

    Kissflow doesn’t break the cost down by features or users.


    Price: Starts at $39/user/month

    Integration supported: QuickBooks Online and Desktop

    Precoro is a cloud-based procurement software designed primarily for small to medium-sized businesses. Its main function is to streamline procurement processes, improving visibility and control over spending.

    Precoro is ideal for mid-sized companies across various sectors, offering a user-friendly, customizable procurement solution with robust integration capabilities. Its strengths include a straightforward interface, flexible customization options, integration with major accounting systems, and comprehensive support.

    Notable Features

    1. Purchase Order Creation and Delivery: Simplifies and automates the creation and management of purchase orders.
    2. Approval Workflow: Customizable workflows for approving purchases.
    3. Real-Time Budget Tracking: Keeps track of budgets and spending in real-time.
    4. Supplier Management: Centralized platform for managing supplier relationships.
    5. Spend Data Analysis: Provides insights into spending patterns and helps with budget management.
    6. Catalog Management: Helps manage and organize products and services.
    7. Three-Way Matching: Matches purchase orders, receipts, and invoices to prevent errors.


    Precoro pricing starts at $39/user/month.

    • All plans include standard onboarding and support.
    • Lifetime updates are included with each plan.


    Procurement Express

    Price: Starts at $365/month

    Integration supported: QuickBooks Online and Desktop

    Procurement Express is a cloud-based purchasing software designed primarily for small to medium-sized businesses. The platform offers a variety of features aimed at simplifying and optimizing the purchasing process.

    Procurement Express is highly regarded for its user-friendly interface, enabling quick deployment and ease of use. Its strengths include efficient customer support, mobile accessibility.

    Users have reported issues with cumbersome purchase order number generation and occasional difficulties logging in. Additionally, the platform supports a limited number of languages, which might be a constraint for global users.

    Notable Features

    1. Purchase Request and Approval: Users can create and approve purchase requests.
    2. Custom Fields: Allows customization to suit specific business needs.
    3. 3-Way Matching: Streamlines the matching of invoices, purchase orders, and receiving reports.
    4. Punch-Outs: Enables easy online purchasing.
    5. Budget Tracking: Assists in monitoring and managing budgets.
    6. Multi-Currency Support: Facilitates transactions in different currencies.
    7. Mobile App: Offers a high-performance mobile application for remote access.


    Precoro pricing starts at $365/month.

    • The pricing is based on the total spend managed through the platform.
    • With the started package, you can manage up to $10k per month.
    • Most growing companies would need to upgrade to the small business package that starts at $730/month.



    Price: Starts at $0/month for single-user operations.

    Integration supported: QuickBooks Online and Desktop

    Tradogram is a cloud-based business spend management platform that provides a comprehensive suite of tools for procurement management. The solution empowers buyers and purchasing decision-makers to manage suppliers, gain complete visibility into their spending, and significantly reduce costs.

    Notable Features

    1. Requisitions: Centralize purchasing through simple internal forms.
    2. Items Catalog: Import and organize items in an easily accessible database.
    3. Approvals: Highly configurable system to customize approval workflows.
    4. Budgets: Design and track budgets in real-time.
    5. Inventory Tracking: Centralize inventory management and reorder processes.
    6. Purchase Orders: Customize templates for efficiency and accuracy.
    7. Sourcing: Use RFQs and RFPs to improve supplier negotiations.
    8. Receiving: Track order stages and identify discrepancies.
    9. Invoices: Reconcile received invoices to purchase orders quickly.


    Tradograms offers a free plan

    • If you are single user, you can try the system for free.
    • The paid plans start at $168/month. This plan is good for 1-19 users.

    Purchasing Order Software That Works With Quickbooks

    A key part of the requirements is that any purchase order or invoicing system syncs transactions and master data with QuickBooks.You should be able to quickly authorize the connection with your QuickBooks account.This is important for two reasons:

    • You save time by not performing redundant data entry in QuickBooks. A purchase order system that integrates with QuickBooks automatically takes care of that for you.
    • You avoid any errors related to data entry from one system to another system.

    We recommend that the purchase order software system should supports the following:

    Master Data Sync

    With QuickBooks, you can sync the master data to use in the transactions. We recommend using the following master data sync from QuickBooks

    1. Item master: You can import your item master data into QuickBooks and purchase the items.
    2. Suppliers: You don’t have to recreate the data in the purchase order system.
    3. Projects: so that you can allocate costs to the correct projects.
    4. Class: so that you can correctly categorize your expenses.
    5. Chart of accounts: so that the accountants can book the cost to the correct accounts.
    6. Payment terms: so that you can pay your vendors on time.

    Transactions Sync

    The transaction sync allows you to send the transaction data back to QuickBooks.

    This includes the following

    • Sync purchase order to QuickBooks.
    • Sync receipts for the purchase orders.
    • Sync Invoices/Bills to QuickBooks so that the order can be closed.
    • Sync supplier information with QuickBooks as it changes in the purchase order system

    The transaction sync should be event-based so that as and when a document is created and approved in the purchase order system, it automatically sends it to the QuickBooks system.

    This saves time and an extra step to sync the transaction data with the accounting system.

    What Are The Key Features For Purchase Order Software?

    We tend not to give generic advice on the best purchase order software for you. The reason is that it depends upon your objectives.

    So here are some key features for each category of purchase order automation solutions so that you can decide what works best for you.

    Purchase Requisitions

    A purchase requisition is the core functionality of purchase order software. With purchase requisition automation, you can eliminate your employees’ manual purchase requisition process.

    The key here is not to replace the paper form with an electronic one because no one likes to fill out forms!

    Instead, use this as an opportunity to simplify the purchase requisition process. Here are some ideas

    • Eliminate data entry by use of catalogs.
    • Reduce the back and forth with finance regarding chart of accounts usage using system defaults based on the user department and purchase requirements.


    To better control your spending, you need a purchase approval process.

    This gives management the ability to control spending and manage budgets effectively.

    Here are two things to keep in mind:

    1. You need a system that is flexible enough to meet your approval requirements.
    2. With that said, you don’t need to review every small-dollar purchase.

    Use approvals as a mechanism to set up accountability for your middle management tier.

    Create And Manage Purchase Orders

    Once the requisition is approved, you can convert that into a purchase order and send it to the vendor.

    With the purchase orders functionality, you should be able to:

    • Convert a requisition into a purchase order and automatically dispatch the PO to the supplier.
    • You should be able to track the lifecycle of the purchase order. I.e., order acknowledgment, tracking, delivery receipt, etc.


    You can make a repeat purchase a breeze with catalogs for your employees. You can connect with the vendor website or build your catalog to improve purchasing experience.

    If you would like to read more about these features, start here:

    17 key features for a purchase order system.

    The Bottomline

    To recap, here are the best purchase order software to try this year:

    • ProcureDesk – Best of the best
    • QuickBooks – Best for small companies that don’t need an approval process.
    • Procurify – Best for medium-sized companies.
    • Kissflow – Best for companies that need a generic workflow tool.

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