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ProcureDesk vs. Quartzy: Which purchasing software is best for your business?

  • By ProcureDesk
  • March 30,2023
  • 10 min read

ProcureDesk vs. Quartzy: Which purchasing software is best for your business?

ProcureDesk vs Quartzy which purchasing software is best for your business

In this ProcureDesk vs. Quartzy face-ff, we pit these two purchasing software against each other to see the best procurement solution for Biotech and life sciences companies. From pricing, features, support, vendor support, and ongoing feature innovation – discover the best software options to help you with your corporate spending and expense control to improve team productivity that builds better workflows through automation!

ProcureDesk vs. Quartzy: Procurement Management Solution Feature Comparison

ProcureDesk Quartzy
Starting price $380 for 10 users $299 for 10 users
Digital Requisition Applications Supported Supported
Purchase orders Supported Supported
Punchout catalogs Supported Not Available
ASN Supported Not supported
Receipts Supported Supported
Invoice matching Supported Not supported
OCR Supported Not Supported
Integrations Supported Supported
Mobile App Supported Supported

ProcureDesk vs. Quartzy: Price

ProcureDesk pricing starts at $380/month with an annual commitment. This is the cost for 10 users, and additional users can be added for $20/user/month.

Though Quartzy has cheaper plans, we picked up the “Professional” plan for comparison purposes, which is comparable with the ProcureDesk “Purchasing Automation” plan.

Quartzy pricing starts at $ 299 for 10 users, and then add users can be added for $49/month.

Though Quartzy Digital seems cheaper for 10 users, but as you scale in your purchasing automation processes, you will notice that Quartzy is more expensive than ProcureDesk.

Let’s say you have a total of 15 users; then ProcureDesk would cost $480/month ($380 + $100 for 5 users). On the other hand, Quartzy would cost $544/month ($299 + $245 for additional 5 users).

ProcureDesk, as an all-in-one-procurement software, also offers strong onboarding support at no additional cost for your procurement teams. The support covers setting up the system, training, and ongoing support. No doubt, ProcureDesk serves your company better when speaking about company spending.

Winner: ProcureDesk

ProcureDesk Demo

ProcureDesk vs. Quartzy: Requisitions

ProcureDesk offers a purchasing process with a system that is designed to meet all your procurement platform needs and not just purchase lab supplies.

Quartzy’s purchasing process, on the other hand, is specifically designed for purchasing lab supplies.

You can create purchase requisitions for other than lab supplies in Qurtzy. However, you can’t order the items. The items need to be purchased using a purchasing system like ProcureDesk.

On the other hand, Customers use ProcureDesk for all purchases. Whether you are purchasing CRO services, lab supplies, or office supplies – You can use ProcureDesk during your requisition process and the entire procurement cycle to request a new purchase and track the request status through online approvals. Thus, making it easier for your accounts payable to track purchases and one of the best procurement tools out there for customizable workflows for your supply chain.

Winner: ProcureDesk

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ProcureDesk vs. Quartzy: Purchase Orders

Quartzy offers its own complete solution and payable processes functionality as an all-in-one software solution, but it is limited to the vendors that Quartzy supports.

Suppose you need to purchase a product from a vendor or a vendor website that is not part of the Quartzy network. In that case, you need to create a manual purchase order or use your purchasing system to send the purchase order for better manageable controls.

On the other hand, ProcureDesk, as a robust procurement software, can issue a purchase order to any vendor, helping with better supplier management. For connected vendors using punchouts, the purchase order is sent electronically using cXML. For other vendors, the system can email the purchase order to the vendor. Thus, improving supplier relationship management, especially for larger companies. This allows your finance teams to control your purchasing processes better.

You can also download the purchase order and send it to the vendor manually for a better reporting process.

Winner: ProcureDesk

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ProcureDesk vs. Quartzy: Punchout Catalogs

Punchout catalogs improve the purchasing experience for the employees by making it easier to copy the data from the vendor’s website. You can see your preferred pricing, delivery lead times, and so on.

With ProcureDesk punchout capability, you can connect purchasing system to large lab supplies vendors like Fisher Scientific, Thermo fisher, etc.

ProcureDesk supports more than 100+ vendors for punchout catalogs, so you can easily purchase from your favorite vendors. Thus, bringing you a better vendor management solution.

Conversely, Quartzy doesn’t offer punchout catalogs that can be embedded within your purchasing process and business workflows.

If you use a purchasing system like ProcureDesk, you can always embed Quartzy within your purchasing system, so scientists can purchase from vendors in Quartzy’s network.

Winner: ProcureDesk

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ProcureDesk vs. Quartzy: ASN

ASN (Advance Shipping notice) lets the vendors inform the customers that they have shipped the product.

An ASN generally contains information like quantity shipped, tracking number, and carrier information, making it easier to track the lifecycle of the product delivery.

However, tracking each order becomes cumbersome quickly if multiple orders exist.

That is where automation comes into play.

With ProcureDesk as a shipping fulfillment software, vendors can automatically submit the tracking information to the system. The system then tracks the delivery tracking in real time and informs the buyer when the product is delivered, thus creating better shipping processes.

With Quartzy, there is no way to capture and track this information in real-time.

Winner: ProcureDesk

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ProcureDesk vs. Quartzy: Receipts

With receipts, scientists can confirm whether the product has been delivered. Also, at the time of receipt, you can update the on-hand inventory so you know exactly how much inventory you are sitting on. This also helps for better cash flow monitoring and smart budgeting.

ProcureDesk allows you to create full and partial receipts to track delivery information accurately.

You can create receipts using the Mobile app, through the web, or using responding to direct mail.

Quartzy supports the receipt process through the web application and the mobile app.

Winner: Both

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ProcureDesk vs. Quartzy: Invoice matching

After the vendor ships the product, the AP team must match the invoice with the digital purchase order to ensure they pay for the product or service delivered and help with payment posting and invoice processing.

You can confirm this using receipts and whether a product is delivered. But manually checking each invoice with a purchase order and receipt is time-consuming for your cost controls and even your entire reimbursement processes. That is where invoice automation and matching come into the picture.

With invoice matching, you can let a system do the match, check for any discrepancies in pricing, qty, and so on, and even improve your AP Automation & Reimbursement.

ProcureDesk invoice matching engine automatically matches the purchase order and invoice. Aside from that, it uses a receipting process that helps respective team members in case of any need for issue tracking.

For example, if you receive an invoice but the product is not received, the system will automatically notify the order contact asking them to confirm if the product is accepted. This incredible invoicing automation feature makes Procuredesk a robust purchasing software.

Quartzy doesn’t have any such feature for invoice matching because it doesn’t offer AP control capabilities, thus not making it the best invoicing software.

Winner: ProcureDesk

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ProcureDesk vs. Quartzy: OCR

OCR (Optical character recognition) refers to the process of reading a document and identifying the key elements of the document.

For example, a vendor invoice could be the vendor name, invoice number, line item details, invoice date, etc.

When manually entering an invoice, you must reach each attribute and manually type it into your accounting system. That could be time-consuming and error-prone. The more the number of invoices, the more challenging this becomes.

With OCR capabilities, the system reads the invoice document and automatically creates an invoice so you don’t have to create the invoice manually.

ProcureDesk supports invoice OCR and automatically creates the invoice from an invoice document.

On the other hand, Quartzy doesn’t have these capabilities because Quartzy is not an AP system. Thus, not making it the best software for enterprise teams.

Winner: ProcureDesk

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ProcureDesk vs. Quartzy: Integrations

Integrations are critical in ensuring that your purchasing system talks to other systems in your organization and that you don’t have to manually transfer data from one system to another during your entire procurement process. At the end of the day, it’s best to always build seamless processes for teams.

ProcureDesk supports integration with many accounting and approval through payment services and real-time, flexible controls.

ProcureDesk, as an orchestration software, supports integration with the following:

  1. QuickBooks online.
  2. QuickBooks Desktop
  3. Netsuite
  4. Sage Intacct
  5. Xero
  6. Microsoft Business Dynamics
  7. Bill.com

Quartzy supports integration with the following accounting software:

  1. QuickBooks Online
  2. Netsuite

ProcureDesk is a more flexible procurement software because of the number of systems it supports and its ability to streamline your workflow through automation in minutes for a more convenient process.

Winner: ProcureDesk

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ProcureDesk vs. Quartzy: Mobile App

A mobile app provides flexibility to your entire finance process. This helps you create or approve purchase requests on the go.

ProcureDesk, as an automation solution, offers the following automatic routes on the app:

  • Create purchase order requests from the app and other re-ordering rules.
  • Approve or reject a purchase request.
  • Create a receipt for your purchase order process.

Quartzy’s mobile app offers the following key features:

  • Create software print for your bar codes.
  • Create a receipt for an existing order.

Winner: ProcureDesk

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Overall, ProcureDesk, as an all-in-one inventory management software, offers better purchasing solutions, proactive spend management, the capability to control cash, and support for purchasing everything, not just lab supplies for multichannel businesses.

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