Finally, Get The Perfect Procurement System — Built For Your Team

ProcureDesk gives your team full cost control & visibility, so you can approve orders and invoices faster, with less frustration.

  • 100% Personalized Purchasing Process (Built By Us)
  • Get Real-Time Cash Flow Visibility
  • 150+ Vendor Integrations (Order In Just 2 Clicks)

Easily Migrate To ProcureDesk

We’ll Do 100% of The Setup For You

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Already Using

No problem. We’ll migrate your current data into ProcureDesk

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Using Accounting

ProcureDesk integrates with your accounting system in just a few clicks

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Ordering From
Specific Suppliers?

We’ll add their Punch-out catalogs directly to your dashboard

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Spreadsheets Weren’t Made For Tracking 100s of Orders & Invoices…

An inefficient procurement system can cost your team $1000s in mistakes and is a constant hassle to maintain.

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Every Week 10s or 100s of Approvals Need To Be Made Manually.

  • Impossible to control costs
  • Data always un-updated
  • Can’t trust what it says

Watch me make a “1-click” approval & track it’s real-time status.

  • Real-time budget visibility
  • Approve orders with confidence
  • Match invoices & order automatically

Here’s How To Get A Fully Personalized Procurement Process for Your Company

( We’ll Set Up Everything For You )

  • Custom Auto approval rules based on your needs.
  • Training and migration included.
Step: 1

We’ll Set Up Your Custom Purchasing Rules 

In just one call, our team will build your company’s ideal procurement workflow and automate up to 90% of approvals.


Product Category

Automatically approves based on category


Price Limit

Automatically approves based on price



Automatically approves based on department budget

  • Runs forever after a one-time setup

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Step: 2

Easily Integrate With Your Team’s Accounting Tool 

Integrate ProcureDesk with your team’s accounting software in just a few clicks.

“It saves my team 7-10 hours per week of manual updating”

  • Automatically send invoices to your accounting system
  • View a payment’s method, amount, and date within your accounting software
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Step: 3

Add Your Favorite Suppliers & Order With Punch-out Catalogs In Just A Few Clicks

Our team will create your custom Punch-out catalogs during the onboarding, so you can easily buy what you need, without the hassle

  • 150+ vendor integrations
  • Saves you 10s of hours/month creating orders
Step: 4

Track All Your Orders & Invoices… In 1 Place 

Easily track every order’s complete lifecycle, from the initial request to payment.

Set up custom notifications to keep your team members updated on important orders

  • Avoid team miscommunication with real-time order status

  • Automated invoice and order matching

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Use Case

Get Complete Cash-Flow & budget Visibility

(With 100% Accuracy & Zero Manual Updating)

Switch To ProcureDesk In Just 2-3 Weeks

(And Replace All Manual Processes)

Our Team Does 100% of The Setup For You

During the onboarding, our team makes ProcureDesk fully customized for your company’s needs.

We’ll create your custom purchasing rules, help you integrate your accounting software, and set up custom Punch-out catalogs for your favorite suppliers.

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Get One-on-One Training From A Customer Success Rep

During the onboarding, our team makes ProcureDesk fully customized for your company’s needs.

Get access to a full library of pre-recorded video tutorials to help you solve any problem fast.

“The support is engaged, knowledgeable, And very responsive.”

Dave - Controller

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Mobile App

Approve Orders, Track Budget, & More… 

Download ProcureDesk’s mobile app and access all features from anywhere and at any time.

Set up custom notifications to keep your team members updated on important orders

  • Create & approve orders
  • Scan receipts with your camera
  •  Get order request notifications
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These Companies Have Real-Time Visibility on Their Spending

(& automate ~80% of the process)

Guy Anthony

CFO – Cerebral Therapeutics

If you’re a startup or a small company without a fully integrated ERP, ProcureDesk is just such an obvious choice, because otherwise you’re keeping manual systems and hoping that they won’t kill you from an efficiency or accuracy point of view.

Daniel J. Quinlan

President – Quantus Inc

The tasks that I could formulate and delegate allowed me to free up time and work more strategically with leadership. Using ProcureDesk’s catalog feature, and the PO-matching feature, it’s auto-coding right into our invoices and saving me significant time in the day-to-day.

George Parish

COO – Funai Lexington

ProcureDesk team was very hands-on during the setup and made sure we had what we needed. That support has been ongoing, they are always responsive and have been a great company to work with

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You’re 1 Call Away From Us Making Your Ideal Procurement Process Come To Life

It takes just a one-time setup to remove all old purchasing processes and give your team full spending confidence.

  • Fully Personalized Demo
  • 100% Done-For-You Setup (No Extra Cost)
  • A Customer Success Rep Dedicated To You