3C Cost Control Framework

Learn the strategies used by Fortune 1000 companies to reduce annual expenses by 5-8%.

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Control Cost Without Spreadsheets

    • Control spending without being the approval bottleneck.
    • Self-service portal to enable easy requisition creation.
    • Automated workflows for easy approvals.

Get Better Cash Flow Visibility

    • Get instant cash flow visibility without spending endless hours tracking orders in spreadsheets. 
    • Centralized dashboard for tracking purchase and invoice data. 
    • Easily track all approved purchases as well as pending purchases.

Never Struggle to Process Invoices on Time

    • Process invoices faster without a complicated workflow.
    •  A centralized place to capture and process all your supplier invoices. 
    •  Automated matching engine for faster reconciliation of invoices with purchase orders and receipts.

You Deserve a Better Purchasing Process

Control Cost and Increase Cashflow Visibility

Integrated purchasing and invoicing to help you drive a better, transparent purchasing process.

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