How EvolveImmune Uses ProcureDesk to Streamline Procurement and Save Time

EvolveImmune Therapeutics is pioneering a new class of precision cancer medicines to deliver superior patient outcomes compared to current anti-cancer therapies.





Finding Flexible Procurement Software for a Scaling Biotech Company

EvolveImmunie is an early-stage biotech company focused on immuno-oncology. With four promising programs, the company hopes to move to clinical trials in the near future, and is scaling rapidly to facilitate this. Of course, as with any company that scales, this growth brings fresh challenges. For EvolveImmune, one of those challenges is related to their procurement solutions.

EvolveImmune’s initial procurement process involved using several different platforms, depending on the type of order. The company used one system for lab supplies and consumables, and another system for manual orders and contracted research. It was labor intensive, especially as the company grew and relied on these systems more heavily.

Not only was processing manual orders time-consuming, but processing orders via invoices using the existing procurement software was also very tedious. For EvolveImmune, it was time to look for an alternative procurement solution that could adapt to their changing needs.

"We were using multiple systems for different types of orders. As our order volume increased, the time that we were spending processing manual orders was also increasing. We needed to find a system that we could use for all purchases.”

The easiest way To implement tighter Spend controls

“Our team found ProcureDesk much more user-friendly than our previous solution. On the dashboard, we could quickly see an overview of all our punch-outs, as well as our outstanding and pending orders. It made the procurement process much more transparent.”


Flexible, Streamlined Procurement with ProcureDesk

WWith their previous procurement solutions, only certain vendors could be integrated into the system. EvolveImmune needed a platform that would scale with them, incorporate all their own vendors, and allow all their orders to be managed in a single system. They also wanted to find a solution that was familiar with the unique needs of biotech procurement, which led them to ProcureDesk.

When COVID hit, there was a forced slow down in operations due to lockdowns. It provided an opportunity for the team to focus on operational efficiencies.Though COVID was not a welcome change, it did afford the team an opportunity to review the current processes.With ProcureDesk implementation, we aligned the entire process from Procure to pay in one system.

Quick Implementation With Ongoing Support

For EvolveImmune, the biggest benefit of ProcureDesk has been the significant time it’s saved those working in finance and operations. By reducing the manual workload associated with procurement, while also providing more detailed insights into order status and tracking, ProcureDesk has helped handle EvolveImmune’s increasing procurement demands with ease


After using the system for some time, EvolveImmune has experienced:

    1. Significantly reduced time spent processing orders manually
    2. Improved order tracking processes and order-to-invoice linking
    3. Streamlined ordering, tracking, receiving, and receipt creation

One System For All Orders

Having a single procurement system has made a big difference for EvolveImmune’s finance team. It’s now significantly easier to locate an order, check on its status, and see in real-time when orders have been received. This reduces the chances of overdue invoices or missed payments, which had been a challenge with their previous system.

Flexible, Adaptable Procurement Workflows

EvolveImmune has also appreciated the ability to create different workflows for order approval with ProcureDesk. For instance, they can create rules relating to how orders are approved, based on order value. These workflows can be changed as the company’s needs change, further streamlining procurement with semi-automated processes.

Time Saved Across Entire Procurement Process

Before switching to ProcureDesk, each step of the procurement process brought challenges for EvolveImmune. With ProcureDesk’s end-to-end solutions, EvolveImmune is now saving time at every step of the way, from order placement to approval, processing, tracking, and through to receiving.

"ProcureDesk has saved us so much time. We are able to process invoices and integrate invoices into our AP system much more easily than we did previously. The volume of our orders has increased, but we’re spending less time overall on procurement."

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