Contracts + Purchasing = Increased Savings

Central repository for storing and managing your contracts.

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Store and track your contracts at one single place.


Never miss a renewal, track all your contract renewals at one single place.


Increase purchasing compliance by linking purchase orders to contracts.


Increase supplier collaboration through a supplier portal.

Track contact expiration

Avoid unwanted renewals

Companies waste a lot of money because of unwanted renewals. Whether you are looking to cancel an unused service or reducing the scope of the product/service, you need to engage early.

ProcureDesk contract management system track the key milestones and renewal dates for you and send you to advance notices so that you have sufficient time to react to an upcoming renewal.

Centralized contract search

Stop wasting time

Unable to find existing contracts on time?

Have you ever wondered - What is the productivity lost due to finding the existing contracts when you need them?

Having a centralized repository for contracts helps you to easily locate the contracts when you need them.

purchasing and contract

Get better cost savings through purchasing compliance

You negotiated an awesome deal with a vendor but what use it is if the employees are not purchasing using that contract?

Integrated contract management and purchasing system can help you drive the compliance to negotiated contracts. By linking your purchase orders to contracts, you can ensure that you are getting the negotiated rates and discounts as well as routing your end-users to preferred supplier contracts.

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Integrated contracts with purchasing = Better compliance and savings!