Integrated Purchasing and Inventory

Purchase, track and release inventory in one single system

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Integrated purchasing

A single system to order, consume and track Inventory.

Reduced working capital

Understand the usage patterns and identify optimum inventory levels. Don't carry extra Inventory.

Increase productivity

Improved productivity through automation of the inventory management process.

Save time

Use the inbuilt process to reduce the request to fulfillment cycle time.

Integrated Inventory and Purchasing

An end to end inventory management process to help you get better visibility into your inventory. Whether it is inventory used for internal consumption or inventory for customer orders, you can track all that in one single system.

Inventory visibility

Get better visibility into the inventory

Having an integrated system allows you to see what is on order, what is in stock and how much of the inventory can be released for inventory.

Track what is on order, what is on hand and what is below the critical ordering points.

Inventory availability for users

Better Inventory visibility for end-users

Users can easily see stock levels of the inventory and place a request to release the inventory.

No more guesswork whether the item is in stock or out of stock. Enhanced inventory visibility leads to better planning and optimized inventory levels.

Track release orders

Easy release order process for consumption

Track all your inventory release requests at one single place. Easily keep a track of what is released and what is yet to be released against an inventory request.

Keep your users informed in case of backorders.


Track assets for inventory items

Keep track of assets and serial numbers

Keeping track of assets and serial numbers in spreadsheets is a painful process. Simplify your asset management by keeping track of assets and serial numbers at one single place. Easily search and track the life cycle of assets.

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Integrated inventory with purchasing = Better inventory utilization