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ProcureDesk and Quickbooks Integration

Key features - QuickBooks and ProcureDesk Integration

ProcureDesk_Quickbooks Integration

End to End Integration

Purchase Order Integration, Invoice Integration, Supplier Integration and Chart of Accounts

Purchase Order Integration

With purchase order integration, companies can implement requisition and purchase order process in ProcureDesk.

• Create and approve orders in ProcureDesk.After the purchase order is approved, ProcureDesk sends the purchase order to the supplier.

• With QuickBooks Integration, ProcureDesk automatically creates the purchase order in the QuickBooks system.

Invoice Integration

With ProcureDesk invoicing module, companies can simplify the invoicing process and increase the efficiency of their Accounts payable department.

• Invoices can be directly created in the ProcureDesk system, the system performs the 2-way or 3-way match which significantly improves the efficiency of your accounting team.

• ProcureDesk automatically creates the invoice in QuickBooks.

Supplier Integration

With the supplier integration, supplier master data can be automatically pulled out of QuickBooks system. With automated integration, there is no need to manually create suppliers in ProcureDesk.

• Alternatively, Suppliers created in QuickBooks can be automatically created in QuickBooks system.

• Companies can also implement a request and approval process for any new supplier data. Having a workflow ensures that no unauthorized supplier is created in the system.

Chart of accounts integration

With the Chart of accounts integration, the chart of accounts in QuickBooks is automatically created in ProcureDesk.The chart of account data is always synchronized between two systems.

See how leading companies are enhancing the value of their QuickBooks integration with ProcureDesk.

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