Free resources for Procurement & Finance professionals

Strategic Savings Guide for CFO’s

A practical guide for Chief Financial Officers who are looking to drive strategic savings opportunities in their organizations

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Procure to Pay Automation Business Case

A complete guide for building a business for purchasing, invoicing or procure to pay cycle automation.

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Strategic Savings Guide for Purchasing

A practical guide for purchasing teams to identify and, execute saving opportunities and tracking savings.

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Buyer's guide to Selecting a Purchasing System

A practical guide for helping mid-market companies CFO's and Purchasing teams in selecting a purchasing system

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Buyer guide to purchasing system

Building a Procurement Team - The Complete Guide

A step by step guide for CFO's, Chief Legal officers on building a procurement team.

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ProcureDesk Procure To Pay System

ProcureDesk procure to pay system helps you to automate end to end requisition to invoice process.

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ProcureDesk procure to pay system

Spend Analysis Template

A template to get you started with spend analysis. Define data fields, gather data, classify and analyze.

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Procurement Cost Savings Template

Use this template to track and report procurement cost savings.

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Don’t Be the Bottleneck of Your Purchase Approval Process

Simplify your purchase approval process by following avoiding 5 painful mistakes.

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