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ProcureDesk vs. ProcurementExpress: How Do They Compare?

  • By ProcureDesk
  • March 27,2023
  • 10 min read

ProcureDesk vs. ProcurementExpress: How Do They Compare?

ProcureDesk vs ProcurementExpress how do they compare

Running a business requires many pieces to fall into place successfully. One of those pieces is ensuring that you have adequate software to maximize the potential of your business processes. One platform that pays for itself and maximizes a business’s overall performance is a good procurement tool.

While there are plenty of options to choose from when looking for procurement software, you must find software that is suitable for your company and will make the purchasing process easier for everyone involved. Choosing the right one for your company depends on what features you are looking for, your budget, and how you intend to use the software.

To help you find the best procurement software for your company, we broke down two of the top software, including ProcurementExpress.com and ProcureDesk, to help you understand why ProcureDesk is the better choice.  

What software options are available?

As previously mentioned, there are plenty of options to consider that offer helpful support integration of procurement software. Let’s explore the differences between ProcureDesk and ProcurementExpress.com in detail and determine what features ProcureDesk has that only a few other software companies offer.


Purchase Request Management

Companies have plenty of PO approval needs, and when you invest in an enterprise tool like ProcureDesk, the purchase request management process becomes seamless. ProcureDesk allows businesses to automate the manual purchase requisition process. The times of manually entering all the information into a purchase request are history, and companies enjoy the time savings from automation.

Because of purchasing automation, the need for paper forms is eliminated, making it easy for companies to save money by purchasing less paper. Additionally, employees can track their purchases in one place on the dashboard. This powerful functionality lets employees get a quick glimpse of their pending purchase requests and decide whether they need to follow up on anything. Finally, ProcureDesk also automates the purchase order process, saving your business’s entire purchasing team time.

Budget Management

With ProcureDesk, businesses can control spending by keeping track of the allocated budget for employees. The tracking budget feature ensures that the company is on track with its spending control and that every department is within its budget. The ProcureDesk system has a flexible budget structure that incorporates two different types of budgets. ProcureDesk understands that some companies have different budgets and allows them to set them up based on their needs.

ProcureDesk’s state-of-the-art system tracks the budget and ensures that the employee knows it by asking them to pick it up when they request a purchase order. Again, this feature allows for spending control and helps management stay informed of the budget as they hold great accountability. The numbers in ProcureDesk are in real-time, increasing visibility and decreasing marginal error.

Purchase Approvals

ProcureDesk allows for automated workflow so that the appropriate person can approve purchases seamlessly. The different levels allow other people to approve and increase productivity. Staff can easily make the approvals on the mobile app.

Expense Reports

The expense report process is also enhanced when using ProcureDesk. The expense management software captures, approves, and submits expense reports to the accounting department. Additionally, the transactions from credit cards are easily imported into ProcureDesk. Receipts are then attached to the expenses and can be tracked in one place, making retrieving stored data concerning costs accessible.

Spend Reporting

ProcureDesk has a clear understanding of the importance of spending reporting. That is why reporting data is available anytime and can be seen by management and finance teams whenever they need to analyze it quickly. Finance teams also get a quick view of who is spending and on what while allowing them to keep track of the details required, such as monthly purchases.

Integration with Accounting Software

Importing information from your accounting software has always been challenging. ProcureDesk allows you to import master data from your accounting system, including QuickBooks, Xero, Netsuite, Sage, and Microsoft Business Central.


Purchase Orders

One feature that sets ProcurementExpress.com apart is its ability to allow customers to request, approve and manage purchase orders on the app. With the increasing number of people working remotely, this comes in handy.

Budget Tracking

ProcurementExpress.com lets businesses know who spent what and when allowing the finance department to ensure every penny is accounted for. All orders are synced with spending and purchase orders and can be found all in one place. Because everything is in real time, businesses have an actual forecast at all times, and the budget is updated as soon as expenses are approved.

Purchase approvals

ProcurementExpress.com makes it easy to match invoices to purchase orders and eliminate incorrect payments. This process saves time for accounting departments as they no longer need to allocate the invoices manually. Additionally, ProcurementExpress.com automatically generates bills for approved invoices and allows data to remain editable until the final payment is processed.

Spend Reporting

With ProcurementExpress.com, businesses get detailed reporting that can be filtered and updated as soon as expenses are approved. The filters can save companies valuable time.

Offline Mode

Remote teams can work and manage purchasing from anywhere using the offline mode of ProcurementExpress.com.

Supplier Portal

Suppliers have direct and easy access to purchase orders using the supplier portal through ProcurementExpress.com. This integration makes it easy to keep track of purchases, orders, and budgets.

What Makes ProcureDesk Unique?

ProcureDesk offers excellent benefits that make them stand out from its competition software. It is for small- to medium-sized companies who want to track all the cash within their business, whether invoices, purchase orders, or expenses. Let’s dive right into the multiple other utilities companies count on when using ProcureDesk.

White Glove Service

White glove service is a vital part of ProcureDesk’s features. This service is typically used for enterprise customers and provides highly personalized services to meet clients’ needs quickly. This service also provides companies with assistance with complex products.

Because procurement software can be challenging to navigate at first, there might be training required initially to understand the capabilities of ProcureDesk fully. Your company and staff don’t have to worry about hosting this training, though, as ProcureDesk is happy to offer this and is always available to answer any questions you might encounter while using the program.

Punch Out Vendors in Every Plan

ProcureDesk is one of the only procurement software apps that offers integrations with over two hundred vendors in a catalog-based process. All of ProcureDesk’s customers access this catalog, a process managed by the supplier but accessed through the business’s purchasing system. 

The benefit of this catalog is that integration with ProcureDesk is not limited to two or three vendors, as it is with other competitors. This process would require the buyer to log into the purchasing system, click a link to the punchout catalog, find the product they need, and then be redirected back to the purchasing procedure for the final transaction. A seamless process that saves everyone time and money.

Good Customer Support

Excellent customer service is one of ProcureDesk’s unique features. This is because they are always available by phone or online and even offer video tutorials.

What Are Customers Saying?

As businesses scroll through the reviews for ProcureDesk, they quickly realize that it is easy to find more than one great review about it. Customers are happy with ProcureDesk and speak highly of them, especially their customer service. Check out the following reviews.

“I have enjoyed learning PD, teaching others, getting our entire company on board, AND using this software has freed up so much of my valuable time as well as those in our AP department.”

“Procure is very helpful for approval processes. Also, if I request to modify the program, the ProcureDesk team listens and makes the change for us.”

What Is The Pricing?

ProcurementExpress.com and ProcureDesk offer different pricing packages, depending on the company’s needs.


ProcurementExpress.com charges per license per month and has four packages you can consider.

The basic package starts at $340/month.

The small business package starts at $680/month.

The standard package starts at $1700/month.

The enterprise package starts at $3400/month.


ProcureDesk offers three different packages depending on what you are looking for. One of the benefits of working with ProcureDesk, though, is that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Also, let’s remember the over 200 vendors included in all packages.

The Purchasing Automation Package starts at $380 per month.

The Purchasing & AP Automation begins at $560 per month.

Finally, the Enterprise Plan requires contacting them for a customized plan and pricing.

Final Thoughts

As a business, you must weigh your options to decide which is the right one for you, but if you are looking for procurement software with unique features, including two hundred punchout vendors and white glove service, then ProcureDesk is the right one for you. Their helpful support integration is unlike any other and offers features that not a lot of their competitors have.

Set up risk-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 14-day trial, or book a demo through their website today!

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