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ProcureDesk vs Procurify

  • By ProcureDesk
  • April 11,2023
  • 10 min read

ProcureDesk vs Procurify

ProcureDesk vs Procurify

In this ProcureDesk vs. Procurify face-off, we pit these two purchasing systems; from features to integration, we cover it all so you can decide which purchasing system is best for the cash flow visibility needs as well the requirements of your finance department for expense tracking.

Disclaimer: This article offers a comparison based on information sourced from vendor websites. For the most up-to-date feature details, we recommend reaching out to the vendors directly.

Read on and get ready to improve your accounting systems with either of these accounting tools for your software solutions!

PrcureDesk vs. Procurify: Comparison

ProcureDesk Procurify
Starting price $380/month Higher
Purchase requisitions Supported Supported
Punchout catalogs 100 + catalogs Less than 10 punchouts
Order tracking Supported Supported
Budgets Supported Supported
Receipts Supported Supported
Mobile App Supported Supported
RFQ Supported Please check with the vendor
E-invoicing Supported Supported
Virtual credit cards With partners Supported
Agility Weekly builds Please check with the vendor
Seamless Integration Supported Supported

ProcureDesk vs. Procurify: Price

ProcureDesk and Procurify both offer comprehensive features at different price points.

ProcureDesk has 3 pricing plans:

The purchasing automation plan starts at $380/month and includes 10 users. That is $38/user/month. The 10 users pack is best for companies that are just starting with procurement software automation. Additional users can be added at nominal fees.

ProcureDesk considers users as anybody who is using the system.

Procurify has recently updated its pricing plan to one all-inclusive plan with all features.

The pricing is generally based on the number of approvers. You should compare what pricing model works best for you.

ProcureDesk Demo

ProcureDesk vs. Procurify: Purchase requisitions

Purchase requisitions allow employees to submit a request for purchase which can then be reviewed and approved by the appropriate manager.

A purchase request is an important piece of the cost control process as it allows companies to control spending through a review process.

Both ProcureDesk and Procurify offer comparable features for purchase requisitions.

ProcureDesk purchase requisition module is designed to support different use cases. For example, you can use the purchase requisition module to build a process for travel requests, approval processes, or approval workflows for different departments.

Procurify, on the other hand, is more suited for the purchasing process only.

ProcureDesk also offers support for default values so that the user doesn’t have to keep entering the same data repeatedly.

Procurify, on the other hand, has limited support for purchase requisition default values.

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ProcureDesk vs. Procurify: Punchout catalogs

Punchout catalogs streamline the purchasing process for an entire company, whether established or just a startup company. Punchout catalogs enable employees to browse the vendor’s website, pick up the item they need to purchase, and return it to the procurement process and systems.

This allows the user to maintain the shopping experience of the vendor’s website and then bring that information back into the procurement system for approvals and issuing a purchase order approval process. This is beneficial for procurement teams.

Moreover, purchasing system like ProcureDesk automatically dispatches the purchase order process to the vendor so that the employees don’t need to go to the vendor’s website to purchase the product or service.

ProcureDesk is a powerful platform that offers punchout integration with 100+ vendors, including large retailers like Amazon, Staples, Office Depot, and many more.

Procurify, on the other hand, is a business platform that offers punchout for less than 10 vendors.

Additional ProcureDesk adds new punchout vendors all the time at no cost to its customers.


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ProcureDesk vs. Procurify: Order tracking

Order tracking involves tracking the order lifecycle from when it is issued to when it is delivered to the end user.

Both ProcureDesk and Procurify offer order tracking capabilities in terms of receipts (covered later), but ProcureDesk offers a more comprehensive order tracking capability as compared to Procurify.

ProcureDesk offers the following additional features for order tracking:

  • Acknowledgments: With vendor acknowledgments, you can ask your vendors to accept the purchase order and confirm whether they can meet the delivery deadline. This avoids any surprises later with the vendor and ensures that the order gets shipped on time.
  • Real-time order tracking: real-time order tracking allows you to track the order status while it is in transit. Once the supplier submits the tracking number, ProcureDesk can track the order status during transit and inform the end users when the product arrives at its destination.

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ProcureDesk vs. Procurify: Budgets

Budgets allow you to have complete control over spending and develop a cost-conscious culture within the company on board.

With budgets, the users can see real-time budget usage. You can also control the company’s spending if the budget is unavailable.

Both ProcureDesk and Procurify provide strong budget capabilities. However, ProcureDesk supports the ability to multiple levels of budgets.

For example- You can create simple budgets like GL and Class or GL and department.

But in ProcureDesk, you can go granular and create multiple budget levels. For example –

GL -> Department -> Location and so on.

Companies that use Sage Intacct often use dimensions in their budgets, and ProcureDesk can easily import those budgets.

ProcureDesk vs. Procurify: Receipts

Receipts make it easier to track if a product has been received and what quantity has been received.

Both ProcureDesk and Procurify allow you to create receipts against purchase orders.

Although, here are some key differences between both these intuitive platforms:

  • ProcureDesk allows you to create receipts using a mobile app.
  • ProcureDesk allows you to store additional information like inventory location, lot information, and expiration date of the lots. This is very handy when using the inventory based on the FIFO (First In, First out) model.
  • In ProcureDesk, no doubt that it offers a streamlined user interface. In this tool, the user can create a receipt from email. However, no such option is available in Procurify.

Both solutions offer comparable functionality for receipts, but ProcureDesk does offer a few additional advantages that make it easier for users to create receipts.

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ProcureDesk vs. Procurify: Mobile App

A mobile app allows approvers and requesters to create and approve purchase order requests using their Mobile – Android.

Both ProcureDesk and Procurify offer a mobile app. There are, however, a few differences between the two.

ProcureDesk supports the following capabilities on the app:

  • Create purchase order requests.
  • Approve purchase order requests.
  • Create a receipt from the purchase order.
  • Approve other documents like invoice matching.

Cost controls, complete visibility on cash flow, purchase order workflows, and approvals are some of the exciting features, with unlimited document storage space” Supplier Database Registration Feature, to minimize paperwork for suppliers wanting to be on our database

Procurify apps support the following capabilities:

  • Approve purchase order requests.
  • Approve invoice documents and expense reports.

ProcureDesk vs. Procurify: RFQ

The request for Quote (RFQ) process allows the buying team to get quotes from different vendors and find the vendor that offers the best value for the company while they work on major developments.

With the RFQ process, you can quickly get three bids from different vendors and then compare the pricing details and other delivery terms.

ProcureDesk supports an RFQ process to get easy bids. Procurify, on the other hand, doesn’t have any such feature(at the time of this writing).

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ProcureDesk vs. Procurify: E-invoicing

E-invoicing eliminates the need for suppliers to send you invoices via email or mail.

With e-invoicing, a vendor can submit an invoice against the purchase order creation directly to the purchase order system.

ProcureDesk offers e-invoicing support with 100+ vendors. All large vendors like Amazon, Staples, VWR, and ThermoFisher offer e-invoicing capabilities.

ProcureDesk e-invoicing process makes it completely effortless to capture and match invoices with the purchase order and receipt.

For example – when a vendor submits an invoice to ProcureDesk, the system matches the invoice with PO and receipt, and if everything is matched, the system sends the invoice for payment. No one needs to touch the invoice processing.

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ProcureDesk vs. Procurify: OCR

OCR (Optical character recognition) allows you to read any document to speed up the data entry process. In this case, OCR capability allows you to read the invoice and automatically create the invoice without the need for manual data entry.

The ProcureDesk OCR engine reads the incoming invoice, identifies the relevant information, and then matches it with the entire purchase order document.

The AP team can then review the invoice for accuracy and submit it for matching.

OCR makes it easy to create invoices and improves the team’s productivity.

Procurify doesn’t offer any such capabilities (at the time of this writing).

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ProcureDesk vs. Procurify: Virtual credit cards

Virtual cards allow you to optimize the purchasing process and still pay vendor bills using credit cards. With virtual cards, you don’t need to issue credit cards to each employee.

Instead, the system can automatically generate a virtual card for the required amount after a purchase requisition process is approved.

Procurify has its own card processing system and requisition process, making it seamless to issue virtual cards and other purchase approvals.

ProcureDesk doesn’t have any such card program. However, ProcureDesk integrates with Brex to provide such capabilities.

ProcureDesk vs. Procurify: Agility

Agility means delivering features faster by acting on customer feedback during the entire purchasing process.

ProcurDesk offers weekly releases to incorporate customer feedback in the development process. ProcuerDesk can release the features faster this way.

The product improves faster, and the customer gets the advantage of faster turnaround. Aside from that, the product reduces chances for human error too.

Procurify, on the other hand, makes releases every other month.

ProcureDesk vs. Procurify: Integration

ProcureDesk integrates with all major integrated purchasing systems, while Procurify only supports limited systems.

ProcureDesk supports integration with the following purchasing systems:

  • QuickBooks Online
  • QuickBooks Desktop/Enterprise
  • Xero
  • Sage Intacct
  • Oracle Netsuite
  • Microsoft Business Dynamics
  • Bill.com

Procurify supports integration with the following purchasing systems that offer an excellent purchase process:

  • QuickBooks
  • Netsuite

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Both ProcureDesk and Procurify offer comparable key features. As you can see in the comparison above, there are pros and cons to ProcureDesk and Procurify. And above all, they have pretty great customer support too!

The best is to schedule a demo with both and see for yourself, so you can finally be more acquainted with this technology space and these software’s excellent support teams!

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