7 Procurify Alternatives (Budget-Friendly Purchase Order Software)

    7 Procurify Alternatives (Budget-friendly purchase order software)

    by martieLast Updated : Mar-14-2023

    Procurify is one of the strong players in the procurement and spend management software industry to help you with your supply chain. From purchase requisition, and accounts payable to virtual credit card transactions, Procurify can do a lot, but there are better alternatives. In this guide, we ranked and reviewed the best Procurify alternatives.

    7 Procurify Alternatives

    1. ProcureDesk — best for companies that need strong catalog support
    2. Spendwise— better pricing
    3. Kissflow — better for companies that need a strong workflow engine
    4. Precoro— better for global companies
    5. Tradogram— best for companies that are looking for a free tool
    6. Approvalmax— best budget-friendly option
    7. Procurement Express— best for purchase requisition automation



    Our Verdict — Best punchout catalog support

    Price: $380- $560/month for 10 users

    ProcureDesk offers a complete procure-to-pay solution at an affordable price as compared to Procurify. It’s perfect for companies that need to automate their manual purchasing process and need strong catalog support. For example, a Biotech company looking to purchase lab supplies or a school looking to purchase office and other supplies to run the operation.

    ProcureDesk has enterprise-level purchasing automation at a price point that’s more affordable than Procurify and is definitely user-friendly. It’s perfect for small to mid-sized companies. If you do limited purchasing or have very few purchase orders, ProcureDesk is not the right solution for you.

    It’s the best alternative to Procurify if your employees are complaining that it takes too much time to create purchase requisitions. ProcureDesk integrates with 100+ vendors to make purchasing a breeze for employees.

    If you plan on only using a simple purchase order process then SpendWise is a better option.

    I recommend you start with the purchase automation plan, then upgrade to the Accounts payable automation plan (with OCR capabilities) for $560/month.

    ProcureDesk Demo

    Best For:

    ProcureDesk is best for companies that create 20+ purchase orders a month and need strong workflow capabilities with three-way invoice matching.

    What’s Better Than Procurify:

    • Strong punchout catalog support – ProcureDesk integrates with 100 + vendors for the punchout catalog. A punchout catalog significantly enhances the purchasing experience by allowing employees to easily select what they want to purchase without the need to type in lengthy descriptions.
    • Custom fields support capturing additional requirements about your purchasing process, Whether it is cost codes or project company spending, you can use the custom field functionality to capture the respective details.
    • Flexible purchase orders process so you can set up a purchasing process that works best for you. Unlike Procurify, you don’t have to create a purchase request first to create a purchase order. You can directly create a purchase order request that can be routed for approval.

    What’s Worse Than Procurify:

    • No virtual cards for spend management. ProcureDesk does integrate with companies like Brex to support the virtual cards use case but it currently doesn’t have a native card functionality like Procurify.

    Check out ProcureDesk today and benefit from its key features!

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    2. SpendWise


    Our Verdict — Economical purchasing automation solution

    Price: $9/month

    Spendwise provides an economical spend management solution that allows companies to set up purchasing controls using a purchase order process. Spendwise spend management solution also offers invoicing capabilities, so if you are looking for lightweight invoicing capabilities, this might be a good option to consider.


    Best For:

    Spendwise is best for small companies that need to automate their purchasing process. For example, if you are a gym that needs a basic purchase order process, this is a perfect fit for you.

    What’s Better Than Procurify:

    • Competitive pricing: Spendwise is priced competitively compared to Procurify; the basic plan starts from $9/month with an annual plan. It also comes with unlimited transactions so you are not limited to how many purchase orders you can create.
    • Simple setup: The setup process is straightforward, so you can get started very quickly with a minimal setup process.
    • All-in-one plan: The basic plan covers complete functionality. You don’t need to upgrade to a different plan to access AP functionalities like Bill processing.

    What’s Worse Than Procurify:

    • The basic plan only covers 5 users. If you need more than 5 users, you need to upgrade to the pro plan.
    • Spendwise doesn’t offer any virtual card solution, so you need to rely on your accounting system for payments or other credit card companies.
    • Spendwise is not suited for large companies; even though Spendwise packs an impressive list of primary features, the features are not suited for medium to large-sized companies.

    3. Kissflow

    Source: Kissflow

    Our Verdict — Best for complex workflows

    Price: $1990/month

    Kissflow offers a collaboration platform designed to automate any process in an organization. You can easily set up a workflow for any process in your organization. For example, an IT ticket management process or a customer feature request process.

    Procurement flow is one of the many financing solutions the company offers, so it is not the best of the breed, but it might work out for companies that need to consolidate different applications into one.


    Best For:

    Kissflow is best for medium-sized companies that are looking to automate the purchasing workflow for approvals and invoice matching without best-of-breed capabilities.

    What’s Better Than Procurify:

    • Superior workflow capabilities: Kissflow has a very strong approval workflow engine so that you can easily configure any approval workflow that you need for your organization.
    • Easy to get started: Even though Kissflow is a collaboration tool, they have prebuilt workflows for different use cases. Procurement flow is the purchasing automation use case and it is easy to get started with.
    • Can scale to other departments: You can scale the workflow tool to other departments by adding other collaboration and automation tools that are available with Kissflow.

    What’s Worse Than Procurify:

    • Limited catalog capabilities: Kissflow is not a best-of-breed procurement tool, so it has limited catalog capabilities. There are no punchout catalog capabilities.
    • No spend card: There are no capabilities for virtual cards. So you have to rely on the accounting system or a third-party bill payment system for payments.
    • Limited bill-matching capabilities: Though it provides basic bill-matching capabilities, it is missing advanced primary features like three-way match tolerance and so on.

    4. Precoro


    Our Verdict — Better for global companies

    Price: starts at $35/user/month

    Precoro offers a complete procure-to-pay financial solution that is best suited for global companies. They already have many global customers, so if you are looking for a cost-effective solution that supports global needs, this is probably a better option for you.

    Best For:

    Small companies need procure-to-pay capabilities along with inventory management capabilities.

    What’s Better Than Procurify:

    • All features in a single plan: Precoro offers all functionality in a single plan. For example, purchase order, invoice processing, and inventory management is all included in a single plan. So if you are starting only with purchasing automation, you can expand to other areas without any additional cost. Support is included in each plan.
    • Flexible pricing: Precoro doesn’t have a minimum number of user requirements like Procurify. Unlike Procurify which charges based on approvers, Precoro charges for each user whether they are a creator or an approver of a purchase order. However, if you are cost conscious customer and don’t want to commit to any number of seats, this is probably a good option for you.
    • Integrated Inventory module: Unlike Procurify, Precorr has an integrated inventory management module. So if you need a purchasing system with inventory management capabilities, this is a good solution for you.

    What’s Worse Than Procurify:

      • Limited punchout capabilities: Precoro has limited punchout catalog capabilities. Procurify provides support for 3 catalogs out of the gate, but Precoro is limited is 1-2 vendors. If you are looking for a vendor that supports a large number of punchouts, ProcureDesk is a better solution.
      • No payment integration: Unline Procurify, there is no option to use virtual cards for expenses. There is also no support for expense management capabilities.
    • No Slack integration: Procurify offers integration with Slack for notifications and approvals. There is no such support in Precoro.

    5. Tradogram



    Our Verdict — The only vendor with a freemium plan

    Price: $0/month

    Tradogram is a cloud-based procurement management solution designed for small to mid-sized businesses. It offers features such as purchase order creation, supplier management, budget tracking, and reporting.

    Tradogram also provides customizable workflows, approval business processes, and integrations with popular accounting systems. It also includes inventory management features and allows users to do budget tracking and monitor supplier performance.


    Best For:

    Small companies that are looking to get started with purchasing automation don’t want to invest in expensive procurement accounting software.

    What’s Better Than Procurify:

    • Freemium plan: Tradogram offers a generous free plan for your purchasing solution. It is limited to 5 transactions per month but it is good to start with in case you have limited purchase orders. If your volume increase, you can upgrade to a premium plan.
    • Inventory management: Tradogram offers inventory management capabilities that are not supported by Procurify.
    • Better reporting: Tradogram offers a report builder that allows you to create your own reports with ease.

    What’s Worse Than Procurify:

    • Limited catalog support: Tradogram doesn’t offer punchout capabilities similar to Procurify. So if you are looking to simplify the purchasing experience using punchout vendors, Tradogram is not a good option.
    • Missing payment solution: Similar to other vendors that are compared in this analysis, Tradogram is also missing the payment options like virtual cards.
    • No API access: Procurify offers product APIs in all plans, so in case you want to build your own integration, you can easily do that. Tradogram doesn’t have any such option.


    6. Approvalmax

    Our Verdict — Better for QuickBooks and Xero customers

    Price: $36/month

    Approval max offers a lightweight approval process. ApprovalMax is a cloud-based platform that provides automated approval workflows for financial documents such as purchase orders, invoices, and expenses. It is designed to help organizations streamline their financial approval processes and increase efficiency, control, and visibility over their finances.

    With ApprovalMax, businesses can create custom approval process and workflows that fit their specific needs, with the ability to set up multiple levels of approval and assign specific approvers for each level.


    Best For:

    Approvalmax is best for customers who want to use their accounting system to create purchase orders but want to use a purchase approval process. Approvalmax can pull the purchase orders that are created in a different system and send them for approval.

    What’s Better Than Procurify:

    • Very economical solution: Though Tradogram offers a freemium plan, it is limited on the number of transactions. Approvalmax offers a very economical plan without any limit on the number of transactions. It is very, very economical compared to Procurify.
    • Quick to set up: It is very easy to set up if you are only looking for purchase approvals. This amazing tool does offer a purchase order creation functionality but it will probably work best if you just pull the purchase orders from your accounting system.
    • Other approvals: The product can be extended to support other use cases like sales invoice approval or credit notes approval

    What’s Worse Than HubSpot:

    • Only works with Netsuite, Xero, and QuickBooks: The system is designed to be a pure bolt-on solution, so it is not recommended for other systems where there is no integration.
    • No three-way invoice matching capabilities: There are no advanced bill matching capabilities as you see in Procurify.
    • No catalog support: The purchase order process is very lightweight and there is no support for vendor catalog.


    7. Procurement Express

    Procurement Express

    Our Verdict — Better For Government and Healthcare

    Price: Contact Vendor

    Procurement process for businesses of all sizes. It provides features for purchase order creation, supplier management, expense tracking, and reporting.

    With, businesses can create purchase orders quickly and easily, with the ability to track the status of each order from creation to delivery. The platform also allows for customizable approval workflows, enabling business

    Best For:

    Procurement Express is best suited for customers that need a multi-currency setup across different entities and geographies.

    What’s Better Than Procurify:

    • Multi-currency support: Procurement express offers very strong multi-currency support. It integrates with to pull the exchange rates so that you have a clear view of your total spending.
    • Offline PO support: Procurement express offers an offline PO support feature. The mobile app allows you to create purchase orders in an offline mode. If you have remote employees, this is probably a good option.
    • Custom dashboards: Procurement express has inbuilt dashboards for management reporting. You can easily customize dashboards to suit your needs.

    What’s Worse Than Procurify:

    • Limitations on each plan: Procurify offers unlimited plans. However, Procurement express has limitations on each plan in terms of spend that can be processed through the tool. In case you have large purchases but low volume, this tool is not a good option for you.
    • No expense management capability: Procurement express doesn’t offer expense management capabilities.
    • Punchouts only in premium plans: Procurify offers punchouts in all plans, however, this procurement software express only offers punchouts in their premium plans.

    The Bottom Line

    Here are our top picks for the best Procurify alternatives to try this year:

    1. ProcureDesk — best for companies that need strong catalog support
    2. Spendwise— better pricing
    3. Kissflow — better for companies that need a strong workflow engine
    4. Precoro— better for global companies
    5. Tradogram— best for companies that are looking for a free tool
    6. Aprovalmax— best budget-friendly option
    7. Procurement Express— best for purchase requisition automation

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