Purchasing & Accounts Payable Glossary

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Payment Terms

Payment terms are a critical element in your organization to help you establish trust and clarify expectations between your customers and vendors. Without clear payment terms, you risk your business from experiencing late payments or worse, unpaid invoices. Read More

Procure to Pay

Procure to pay is the end-to-end process a company follows to purchase, receive and pay the vendor for the products and services. Read More

Purchase Order Requisition

A purchase order requisition is a document an employee uses to request a purchase, product, or service. Read More


Purchasing is the activity of procuring products or services by a buyer from a supplier. The simplest example of purchasing is the day-to-day purchasing done by a company. For example, you are purchasing a laptop from CDW or Read More

Purchasing Department

Without your purchasing department, your company would struggle to acquire the products and services that you need to operate. From assessing your needs to conducting research to comparing prices and managing budgets, your purchasing department plays a vital role in ensuring your company stays competitive. Read More