Purchasing & Accounts Payable Glossary

Purchasing & Accounts Payable Glossary

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Accounts Payable (AP)

E-procurement or electronic procurement is using technology to automate the end-to-end procurement process for a company. Read More

Accounts Payable Automation

By using AP Automation, you can easily simplify tedious tasks within your organization, helping you save both time and money. Read More

Accounts Payable Management

Accounts payable is a crucial part of your business process. It helps any business stay organized and efficient when paying for your vendors on time.Read More

Aging Report

The aging report is an essential part of the financial management system, providing valuable insights into the company's cash flow, credit management, and overall financial health. Read More

Approval Hierarchy

Approval Hierarchy is a structured system that outlines who within an organization has the authority to approve certain actions, in this case, procurement decisions. Read More