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ProcureDesk Certified with 2 Procurement Software Distinctions by a Notable Platform for SaaS Reviews

We are pleased to announce that ProcureDesk has recently become a two-time winner, as we received the 2018 Rising Star and 2018 Great User Experience awards from FinancesOnline. Our purchasing automation software was built to simplify the processes of small and mid-market companies, and this is something that the FinancesOnline team acknowledged in their detailed ProcureDesk features review.

The Great User Experience award, which was given under their top procurement software category, is a strong testimony for ProcureDesk’s great overall design and ease of use in facilitating procurement processes. This was referenced as well in FinancesOnline’s review, with their experts stating that our software “is built with your ease-of-use in mind,” allowing for effortless implementation and shorter time to value cycles.

With ProcureDesk, “Adoption is quick, resulting in rapid implementation as opposed to complicated procurement platforms for large companies,” wrote FinancesOnline.

The FinancesOnline was also impressed with the software’s capability to automate purchasing processes. According to their experts, this ultimately enhances productivity and efficiency “across the entire organization” while ensuring a high, steady cash flow and minimizing spending.

We would also like to express our sincere appreciation to our clients, as we have been recognized by FinancesOnline as a Rising Star for 2018. This title signifies that our purchasing automation is considered by customers as a reliable tool for solving the problems that they face every day. These awards from FinancesOnline inspire us more than ever to improve the platform for your purchasing needs.

Visit FinancesOnline for the full review and more software reviews. You can also try a free demo of ProcureDesk to see for yourself how it can simplify your procurement processes.


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