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Four Reasons to Consider ProcureDesk over Spendwise.com

  • By ProcureDesk
  • January 05,2023
  • 10 min read

Four Reasons to Consider ProcureDesk over Spendwise.com

Customer Support

Google “business spend management tools,” and you’ll find a vast list of options. Organizations that use business spend management tools can track spending and costs, streamline requests and approvals, and save time by automating the procurement process.

With so many options for spend management tools, how can businesses be sure they’re getting the best bang for their buck? This article is a great place to start as it compares two popular management tools: Spendwise vs. ProcureDesk.

Things to Consider When Choosing Procurement Software

Is it user-friendly?

The most effective product in the world will only be successful if people know how to use it. Finding a program that makes sense to you is crucial. In addition to ease of use, consider how the software ranks in overall customer satisfaction.

Does it offer training and customer support?

Part of what makes a product user-friendly is the amount of support a customer receives. It is essential to choose a business that offers comprehensive training. FAQs and chat assistance are easy ways for customers to get customer support reps anytime they need help.

Can I use it on the go?

In our mobile world, people are used to holding their entire world on their phones. Tracking purchase orders, inventory and invoices should be no different! Great procurement software allows customers to check in on their procure-to-pay cycle wherever they go.

Does it sync with other apps?

The best software options seamlessly integrate with your favorite business programs. The product you choose should be an addition that boosts your finance game and elevates what you already have.

Can I customize my plan to my budget?

Nobody wants to pay for features they don’t need. When choosing procurement software, keep an eye out for tiered pricing plans, money-back guarantees, and free trials.

Does it have all the features I need?

Now’s the time to ask who this product is designed for and what features are included. There are many options, and choosing software that meets your specific needs is critical.

Now that we’ve established guidelines and what to look for, let’s compare Spendwise and ProcureDesk side by side.

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ProcureDesk at a Glance


  • ProcureDesk offers purchasing and invoice automation solutions for small to mid-market companies, allowing businesses to approve purchases faster and get tighter control over their spending. 

Ease of Use:

  • 4.7 stars out of 5, according to a Capterra review

Customer Support and Training:

  • In-person/online training
  • Chat support
  • Phone support


  • Web-based
  • Mobile app


  • QuickBooks
  • Xero
  • Sage Intacct
  • Bill.com
  • NetSuite
  • Dynamic 365
  • Slack
  • SSO
  • Zuora
  • Batch Integration


  • Purchasing Automation: $380 per month (10 users included)
  • Purchasing & AP Automation: $560 per month (10 users included)
  • Enterprise Plan: Contact ProcureDesk for customization
  • Demos available
  • 14-day no-risk trial


  • Purchase approvals 
  • Invoice processing 
  • Expense reports
  • Budgets
  • 3-Way matching
  • White glove service 
  • Punch out vendors 

Spendwise at a Glance


  • Spendwise.com is a web-based application designed to help companies of all sizes save time and money by managing purchase orders, inventory, invoices, and bills and expenses.

Ease of Use:

  • 4.4 stars out of 5, according to a Capterra review

Customer Support and Training:

  • In-person/online training
  • Chat support
  • Phone support
  • Live Rep support


  • Web-based


  • QuickBooks


  • Basic: $9 per user per month (up to 5 users)
  • Pro: $19 per user per month (up to 50 users)
  • Enterprise: Contact Spendwise for customization (min of 5 users)
  • Demos available
  • 1-month free trial


  • Purchasing
  • Receiving
  • Bills and Expenses
  • Roles
  • Budgets
  • Reports

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Key Differences That Set ProcureDesk Apart

  1. Mobile Deployment
    ProcureDesk offers mobile deployment for easy work on the go.
  2. Ease of Use
    ProcureDesk is rated higher in ease of use, according to Capterra, than Spendwise.
  3. Punchout Vendors
    ProcureDesk offers punchout support with 200+ vendors included with each plan. Alternatively, Spendwise charges customers for using punch-outs.
  4. White Glove Implementation Support
    ProcureDesk assigns each customer a devoted Customer Success Manager who acts as their point of contact and helps the account run smoothly.

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Summary and Conclusion

There are several categories to consider when choosing between procurement products. Ease of use, customer support, mobile access, integrations, pricing, and features offered are vital to choosing between Spendwise and ProcureDesk.

ProcureDesk outshines Spendwise in mobile deployment, ease of use, punchout vendors, and white glove implementation support. It is a practical, easy-to-use program that helps companies automate and streamline their entire procurement process.

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